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I work at an organization that helps provide meals to the homeless in our community and this week one of our donors can't bring dinner so I volunteered. We serve usually 50-60 people a night and I need ideas for tasty and filling meals. I am avoiding pasta because 95% of our donations are pasta dishes and quite frankly our clients are sick of eating pasta and meatballs. My only limitations are that I am cooking in a smaller house kitchen, not an industrial kitchen so I will probably have to cook food in batches. The food will also be made in the morning and refrigerated and needs to be able to be reheated later that night. No fish or shellfish due to allergies. And the food should also be relatively tasty and with some veggies, these people deserve to have a delicious and warm meal. A few ideas I have had: Morrocan chicken thighs with couscous or rice, chicken and veggie stew with rice, chicken and dumplings, dirty rice with chicken. Any help would really be appreciated!! Thank you.

EDIT: Thank you all so much for the amazing replies and the awards!!! I’ve tried to read through them all and all of your recipes sound delicious and I will definitely try to make if I cook again. I’ve definitely taken a lot of your suggestions just to cook at home for me. For this week I think I’m going to go with all the wonderful suggestions to do a really hearty chicken stew with loads of vegetables and serve it with rice! I’ll update again with photos and let you all know how it goes. Thank you all again!


hey looks delicious!

Please visit this YouTube channel, they have some amazing cooking skills and nice foods for feeding lots of people.
It's a pity you have a small kitchen, but it doesn't matter
Just watch some videos, you might get some ideas.
But im not actually promising anything tho
Keep up your good work

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