ANY one can help me .. how i can grow in my steemit account...!!!!!

in #help3 years ago


I am very great full for your help

I love steemit but I don't grow.

so I think ..who already a stable position in you.. can help me for growing my account.

I don't know what is the way to archive the success ..??

please comment below...
and also upvote for my success ..

thank you and please comment..


Do not try to pass off other people's work as your own. If you post other people's photographs or other works, always give credit to the original creator and never use copyrighted material without permission.

ok.. thankas for your suggestion.. i remember it..
now i am upload my own blog.are you like it please upvote and comment..

Also, never beg for upvotes, comments, follows or for anything at all on Steem. People will be put off by that. Secondly, write more carefully. Begin your sentences with capital letters. End your sentences with a single full stop.

ok and thank you.