Steemit : I Humbly Ask for Your Help for My GrandMother

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dear steemit family

here i am today knocking into your generous hearts and ask for URGENT HELP!
my grandmother is admitted in chong hua hospital for 6 days now and is in a dire situation. she suffered from pulmonary edima, pneumonia, acute stroke (2nd time), head injury and an enlarged heart. she needs to be put to ICU as soon as possible because she cant breath so well, but the hospital wont let us put her in there unless we paid 75% of our current bill which is equivalent to 52k php or 285 sbd's. I dont have that amount right now because i am out of sbds and steem and fiat. thats why I am here right now to ask for your help, i dont have anywhere else to go. i have asked my relatives and friends for help. but it is still not enough.
they also said that the ICU cost 25-30k {138 - 165 sbd) per day. I have no idea where to get that kind of money. all my arduino tutorials is not enough to pay for the bill, it was only enough for her down payment.


the doctor said her lungs have water in them, causing it to supply less oxygen to the body. that's why her heart cope up with it and pumped strongly to assist the lungs but this also made her heart grow in the process. now, her heart is so enlarged that its giving her even more trouble. they said that her heart can no longer shrink, and the only thing that they can do is to stop it from growing even more. they are giving her medication that will make the lung water flush out her body.


the second thing they said is that, she has a head injury. after her ct scan they saw that there is a trace of blood in her head. this was because of her fall in the morning right before she was admitted.
this was due to my stupid mistake, i did not put any block in the side of her bed. i did not think that she could fall, because she was sleeping so soundly. this was the night where she was able to slep after a day of sleepless night because of her cough. i was very happy that night because she was finally able to slep properly. i stayed awake until 4 am. but i woke up hearing her calling doooonnnnggg... in a very weak tone. as i opened my eyes i saw her already lying flat in the floor drenched with her urine. this made my slepy eyes fully awake as i jumped from the sofa and help her up. then brought her immediately to the hospital.


the third thing they said is that she had an acute stroke again! this is the second stroke attack she experienced and this time it hit her very hard. she has completely loss her ability to speak and loss her right part of the body.


as you can see, her situation is very complicated. she cant take solid foods and cant swallow her medications .that is why they put a tube inside her nose. it is all going through using the tube.. it was very painful to watch when they inserted it. i felt the pain she experienced just by looking at her agonizing face. but there was nothing that i could ever do for her, all i did was cheer her up while touching and squeezing her feet.


she also has high blood pressure and diabetes so they needed to keep monitoring her bp and sugar level to the point where her fingers are full of holes from the needle used to get a sample of her blood.


Her blood sugar is always above 150 so they always inject her stomach with insulin to deliver the sugar to her body.


Now, her tummy is full of holes also. Its so painful to watch her getting all this wounds but its for her sake so we just have to bear with it.


her oxygen supply level right now is set to double the normal rate (21) but she is still gasping heavily and shes always having cold sweat.



i dont know what to do anymore, my mind is getting so confused , I am so afraid for the well being of my grandmom, I am not ready to lose her , shes the one who took care of me all these years, after I was born she was always there for me, the least I could do is to be with her and do everything I can for her.

So, here I am now. asking/begging for everyone ones help in this platform. even if its a little it would be really helpful for us and I would be forever grateful.
Please also help me pray for her because God is the greatest healer of all. I know He will be there for her we just got to trust in HIM.

Thank you very much for all your help.

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Stay strong bai. Do make sure that you talk to her. It may make her feel much better.

As a student nurse, I see a lot of these cases each day. What I can suggest to you us to learn all you can from her disease, diagnosis, treatments and signs and symptoms. It will make it easier for you to gain control over the situation. Ask as much questions from the nurses and doctors if you need help. You can help out a lot by doing so.

Turn her side to side every 2 hours to mobilize her secretions and improve her oxygenation status. Also make sure that her diaper is changed frequently to prevent bed sores. Do not miss the doses of her antibiotics and make sure that you comply with the medications as this is surely a medical case rather than a surgical one. If you see anything wrong report it to the nurses station. Alao try to learn how to perform the interventions done there as well. We find that it helps patients reciver knowing that their family is involved in the care.

These reminders which I learned in school are all I can help plus my small upvote. I pray for her revovery. Stay strong and dont be afraid to ask for help, we will all need it sometimes.

salamat kaayo sa imung mga advise bai! I needed that advise gyud. I was so confuse gyud to what i should do. I will do my research now, and be attentive on what the doctors will say and do.
about the turning to the side, we dont do it that often anymore because of her oxygen tube its hard to turn her but we bought her an electronic matress that is said to be helpful to avoid bed sores. is that true?
I also assist the nurses whenever they do something to her so that she wont feel afraid.
thank you very much for the advise bai and for the support and prayer. I really do appreciate it so much!

Ah okay. Yes we call it egg crate bed. It evens out the pressure sa different parts sa lawas. It helps pero is she can move kay do so lang sd. Pwede sad siya i assist mag make ug small movements of her joints just to prevent conplications from immobility.

If you can help out sa nurses kay its so much better, i know your lola will appreciate it. But more than anything, take care of yourself. You cant afford to be sick sd. Have a rest when you feel burnt out amd switch roles. Dont feel guilty kng mglingaw2 ka. Lisod na kng asta ang tgbantay masakit sd. If you need any help feel free to contact me and Ill see if I can assist. Wa juy priblema bai. Kabaw ko lisod na imong kaagi run

yes bai.we are always massaging and moving her hands and feet para di siya bikogan. then we will try to move her from side to side just like you said para makahungaw iya likod. thanks so much jd sa imu mga advise bai, helpful jd kaayo. I will contact you gyud if magneed mig help

permit me to tag you guys . An upvote will help our fellow steemian .


thanks a lot man! i hope they can notice it.

habang binabasa ko ung kwento naalala ko lola ko..
Please @ted7, wag mong sisihin ang sarili kc wala namang may gusto na mangyari yan.
Actually eto pa nga yung time na maging malakas ka, physically, mentally and most of all spiritually. Kailangan ka ng lola mo at kung makikita ka nya na malungkot maaring makaapekto ito sa kanya. Gusto kong tumulong peo minnow pa lang ako dito, peo diko kayang i-upvote ung post mo ng napakalaki, mag-tatransfer nalang ako don sa kunting sbd na nalikom ko. Sana khit papano makatulong. Saka ilalakip kita sa prayers ko kau ni lola mo..

maraming maraming salamat po. ang laki na ng maitutulong ng pag pray mo sa kanya at nung sbd. maraming salamat talaga, binigyan mo ako ng lakas ng loob. sana'y gumaling na siya.

I hope nga makarecover na siya soon men. Buotan kaayo raba si mama fe namo kato niadto mi. In God's grace, she will be healed. And hope help will come. I hope nga diri nato mapakita ang pagtinabangay sa usag usa, mga miga and migo.

I am sending the link of this post to all the discord channels I am in. Ampo lang ta nga naay makakita and makatabang.

salamat kau jap! mai tg ma ayo njud ne siya intawun. luoy njud kaayo iya kahimtang :(

Hope she'll be heal soon, this is really a teardrops. I remember my grandmom.. please let her feel that you love her so much :(

I really hope so too. I know she can get through this coz shes a fighter. :) yes! we are definitely showing her how much we love her and how important she is to us, so that she will have a will to keep fighting.

Yes, I know she will fight to live, and be with you.. Thank you :) My heart is actually melting seeing your grandma's situation..

Thank you very much for caring so much for grandma @micch. i am really happy that she is getting a lot of support and prayers from the community. this platform really is the BEST! it has a lot of kind-hearted people like you. thank you so much!

It's my pleasure.. I will include her in my prayers, I am also happy that somehow we comfort you in our own little way.. Just be strong =) all is well..

Get well soon lola. Pray lang always :)

Thank you very much. please help. me. pray for her :)

I surely will. :)

thank you so much :)

You're welcome sir. :)

Get well soon for your grandma 🌹

Thank you very much. i really hope she will get well soon

Wala man koy mahatag nga kwarta pero ang pag-ampo sa labaw nga makagagahum ang mas importante. Salig lang ta niya.

salamat kim! dako njud kaug matabang ng pag ampo. mao jd nai pinaka importante s tnan.

Get well soon. Praying for your grandmas recovery

Thank you so much man. your prayer really means so much.

hope your grandmother quickly healed and can run the activity as usual, you must be steadfast brother.

Thank you so much brother, I really hope she can recover fast. So that she can attend my graduation, i really wanted her to be there so that she can see how well she raised me.

louya ni lola uie huhuhu

mao lagi :(

mayta ma okay na siya arun ma okay nsad ka

mai unta lagi bai.

get well soon, our best wishes for her

Thank you so much for your best wishes sir. i hope that wishes will come true.

Praying for her fast recovery. What your grandma into is a serious matter. Always remember that God is always there and He will heal those who are sick. Never loose hope, help will come for you are in a platform full of kind-hearted individuals.
Usa ako sa mga witness kun unsa ka buotan imu lola bai.
Mu-suggest ko bai na ayaw ipakita kun unsa ka kaproblemado inig atubang nimu sa iyaha arun dili cya mabalaka ug maayu. Always nimu estoryaan na naa raka pirmente sa iya kiliran kun manginahanglan cya. Emotional state can also contribute to fast recovery. Based on experience na bai 😇.

Resteemed and hope my little upvote may help on her recovery.
Keep Strong Bai!

thanks kau bai! never lose hope jd ne. sige lng jd namo siyag engnun na ayaw jd suko ug naa rami para niya. lisud lng jd kau pugong sa kaguol kung mag hangak na siyag taman

hayyyss! mka hinumdum kos akong lola same situation last yr, dli gyud cea lalim! get well very soon lola...

mao jd tam, di jd lalim. grabeh.

Di gyud ko kalimot sa kaayu ni mama fe sa amoa men! Pakusgo to AC kay singoton unya iya buko2x. Stay strong bai!

gipakusgan nato nako. ga kurog2x na gani me s sud. mag cold sweat jd siya oyy. paeta

Kuan kana ra dili siya singoton bai, prone bed sores pag singoton.

mag sweat jd siya bai, pag magkutas siya. paeta. sige lng gani meg pahid sa iya cold sweat ky paspas jd magtubod pag mag kutas siya

be strong lang jud bai and ayaw ninyo nga pakitaa sya nga naguol mo kay makapaluya na niya. smile smile lang and jokes jokes ginagmay niya para ma uplift iyang strength. I'm praying for her fast recovery bai.

salamat kaayo bai.sana makarecover njud siya. ako jd pugson na mu smile pag makig storya niya para di siya maguol ky kato siya di jd siya ganahan na makaburden namo, maong amo siya sigeg engnan na ayaw na sig kaguol, focus lang sa imung pag recover..
maluoy nlng ko niya ky mu tulo jd iya luha, makaluha nalang sad kog apil pero di nako ipakita niya.

Oo tinuod bai. This time, murag need jud usa nato nga magpa.plastik sa iyang front nga ok ra ta. Tears are more than pain jud basta mutulo lang nga walay tingog sa tawo. Kabaskog ug kaisog sa hunahuna usa ta ron bai. Basta may enough strentgh si lola, makatabang jud na sa iyang recovery.

Resteeming it. Hopes we get more helps.

I’ll pray for your grandma. Stay strong

thank you very much good sir. she needs all the prayer she can get.

Everything will be fine dude @ted7. Stay strong.

thank you bai. sana ma ayo najud siya, luoy na kayo iyang kamot ug tiyan ky puno najud buslot. paeta kau. maka igking nalang siya pag tusok s mga dagom.

Huhu. I do hope for fast recovery of your Grandma @ted7. I still remember those days how accommodating your grandma is.

Resteeming this and I hope to make a post dedicated to support your grandma.

Thank you very much for all your help @jassennessaj, I really appreciate it so much! :) I'm glad I have very supportive friends :)

Be strong @ted7. Hope your lola will be okay soon. Pray and ask God for lola’s health. Take care of yourself too. 🙏🙏🙏


Thank you so much @iamqueenlevita, you are such a kind and generous person.thank you so much for the 15 sbd donation, i really appreciate it so much. :)
and yes! we are always asking God to heal her completely and also remind her to always ask God for help. I really hope and pray that she can get through this.
I am so glad I made this post. now, they are many people like you that hoping and praying for her recovery. THANK YOU!

No biggie @ted7, what is important is that the fast recovery of your lola. She can get through with this.God’s watching and we will always pray. 🙏

Que fuerte amigo espero se pueda recuperar dale mucho animo y fuerza amigo!

hoping for your fast recovery. God will always by your side.

thank you very much sir, please help me pray for her. she needs it more than ever.

Stay strong and pray, buddy! Full upvote to this post and even to some of your replies in comments.

Bai Hope na maka recover ra imo lola. Have faith always lang bai. We pray for her recovery.

I pray He will heal your grandmother.Be strong💧💧im out of words but may you find additional strength thru this community.

thank you so much for your prayer brother.

God will heal the sick. Stay strong @ted7.

thank you very much @morken. :)

Bai Hope na maka recover ra imo lola. Have faith always lang bai. We pray for her recovery.

salamat kayo bai jb. mai tag ma ulian najud tawun siya.