Cancer is Hereditary

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Only if I had known this information before I had 56 surgeries, 7 times re-occurrences, and 1.7 million spent and counting. If I had known that cancer was hereditary and all I needed to do was to get a cancer DNA testing which I didn't know existed. Then I realized that I am probably not the only one that might not know this is available to individuals and the kicker your insurance will pay for the test.

Did you know that men can get breast cancer, which can be just as devastating and it is really diagnosed in the last stages. Most cancers are diagnose in the 3 or 4th stage where you help is limited. Now with this DNA testing to find out in advance if you have it in your family tree you will be better informed and your medical history is more complete. Now if you have cancer in your family DNA does not constitute that you will get cancer but it allows you to make informed decision about your life in all areas, you will be better prepared if you take action.

Hereditary cancers occur because of a change (mutation) in certain genes that normally protect the body from developing cancer.This change increases a person’s risk for one or more types of cancer and can be passed from generation to generation. Hereditary cancer risk can be passed down from the mother or the father to daughters and son. If you test positive for a gene mutation, there are options available for lowering your cancer risk and for detecting cancer at an earlier more treatable stage.

Men with BRCA mutations have a higher than average lifetime risk for breast cancer, prostate cancer and other cancers. Each of their children have a 50% chance of carrying the same gene mutation and associated increased cancer risk.

As I stated earlier, having relatives with cancer does not necessarily mean that your risk is higher .Genetics experts look for certain patterns of cancer that may indicate an increased cancer risk. If you are concerned about cancer running in your family, you should consult with a genetic counselor, an expert who can help you understand your personal risk and the benefits and limitations of genetic testing.

Much attention has been given to women with BRCA mutations because of the very high risks for cancer and the many options available for managing those risks. Less attention and research has focused on high-risk men, however, and therefore fewer men have undergone BRCA testing. As more men have genetic counseling and testing, scientists will learn more about inherited cancers in men and develop better options for detecting preventing and treating these cancers. Knowing your hereditary risk can help you and your family make informed decisions about your health care choices. If you have certain cancers, knowing you have a BRCA mutation may change your treatment recommendations or make you eligible for research studies.

If I had know any of this I believe my life would look different, because right now I am alive which I thank Jesus Christ , I have learned quite a bit during this journey. I have disabilities and not able to do the profession that I am trained, broke and extremely stressed. This journey has a lot of great things that have occurred, my faith is stronger, I have acquired new friends and new passion for sharing my story to help others in and on this cancer journey. I also realize who my real family and friends are for my life, and much more.

Thanks for allowing me to share my story.


Cannabis is a powerful treatment for cancers and other illnesses.

So I heard, but not getting it at all or knowing if you will get it is even better, mean no disrespect. I just wish I knew the possibility , that's why I am sharing. Thanks for your response.

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