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The question is association is not causation. And in some of these studies, it's not clear that these individuals did not necessarily have a biological predisposition. I think in some of them, they've taken care of this. Again, the question is when you look at somebody with a first-degree relative or a family history of psychotic disorders, or who themselves have had a history of psychotic disorders who turned to cannabis to feel relaxed or take the edge off, where is that fine line between using to some clinical benefit and then tipping the scales and making things significantly worse, and actually creating a psychotic episode? I think it's very, very important for individuals with family histories of psychotic disorders, to be mindful. I think it's very important for anybody with genetic liability for any condition to be mindful of this. And again, you lose nothing by, again keeping this in mind. I think we are, again, we're not all created equally and the effects for one are not the effects of another. Also, remember that hemp seed oil capsules 1000mg change and evolve over time. Something like a Granddaddy Purple here in Boston is not the same as Granddaddy Purple in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, or in Los Angeles or San Francisco. With that said, some of these publications have talked about and highlighted the very, very importance of looking at the association between cannabis use.

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And psychosis, also rely on reports of their cannabis from the subjects or patients. I've never met anybody who said, yeah, I used really crappy weed, it was low potency. Everybody's pretty convinced they have high potency, great "stuff." Not really stuff, that's not the word they use. I would encourage additional research efforts to actually analyze the
hemp seed oil capsules that patients and subjects are using so that we can more clearly understand the association. Again, associations is not causation, but for many individuals with a predisposition, it is clearly contraindicated. So you want to make sure when you're thinking about people who are using, you don't use before a certain age because you're neurodevelopmentally vulnerable, and for people with inherent potential risk, you want to be mindful. It doesn't mean that everybody with a psychiatric history or a first-degree relative of somebody with a psychiatric disorder can never use it, it means you want to be mindful. - So we've got a ton of folks on with us who work with kids and their families. Are you aware of any user-friendly reviews of the impacts of cannabis on children and teenagers? - Yes, I think we've actually written a few. So some of our colleagues and I think our website, which is the hemp seed oil capsules 1000mg

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You can probably find a bunch of ours. And we probably should, I think we have, or we may have a link to our colleague's papers as well. There's been a fair amount in this area, and it's a really, really important area to stay on top of, especially for our kids and adolescents. Remember, the dialogue that we're all having about cannabis for medical purposes, sort of undercuts their concern about cannabis as being harmful. How could it be harmful if my Aunt Sally is using it? How could it be harmful if my next-door neighbors are using it? I don't understand. And that's something that is really, really very important to explain to kids. And I think we all agree that the "just say no" approach almost never works. We always like to say just not yet, in terms of even trying anything. But being clear on individuals who are using for medical purposes, who are beyond a certain age versus those who are using for other purposes, who are very, very young and perhaps more vulnerable to the negative effects. That's the important distinction to draw. So check our website. And if we don't have links to our colleagues, I will talk to our team about getting those up there too. - We had a couple of folks ask about working in child welfare where case managers hemp seed oil capsules 1000mg