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That's right. Nope, right, just a friend. So the MIND program is an incredibly busy program and it started off as a single longitudinal observational study of people using cannabis. And we have them come in over periods of time and we assess how they're doing. We don't tell them what to use or how to usehemp seed oil capsules , we just keep track of it. And then we assess their products and see what the relationships are. Cognitive, clinical, sleep, sex, measures of brain structure functioning, you name it, we're measuring it. That study continues, and it is the only one of its kind and it has really helped to inform some of our clinical trial models of which we have many either in process or about to launch, including that chronic pain study I just alluded to. We have several studies that are ongoing for anxiety for example. The MIND program also has a study, excuse me, a program dedicated to women. It's called the Women's Health Initiative at MIND, WHIM, which looks at conditions and indications disproportionately or exclusively affecting women.

Hemp Seed Oil Capsules For Our Body
Things like menopause-related disorders or menstrual-related disorders. We have a program dedicated to looking at the impact of cannabis and cannabinoids in our veteran population, Serving Those Who Have Served. We have a number of different projects. If you go to our website,, wait, or is it .com? I forget, go to or the mind program., I think it's .org, and you'll see more. You can also, I think get to that website from my page on the McLean website. But it absolutely will tell you how you can get involved, for yourself or a friend or friends of friends. There's no shortage of opportunities to be involved, even with survey studies, whether it's medical cannabis use during COVID or cannabis use again, for different types of indications or conditions. We're delighted to have you participate. - Dr. Gruber, this has been the most mind-blowing hour. So I cannot thank you enough for all of the info, yeah, no pun intended. For all of the information that you've shared with all of us today, I know how valuable your time is, and thank you so much for taking an hour of it, to hang out with me and answer everybody's questions about marijuana,hemp seed oil capsules 1000mg, and just about everything in between. And if you've joined us, this actually concludes our session. So Staci, thank you again so much, I appreciate this incredibly much. So thanks folks and until next time, be nice to each other and do your research. Thanks so much. - Do your research, buyer be aware, and thank you, it's been a real pleasure.

Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis and Hemp

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