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We can't i can't cure a dog of get rid of a dog's cancer without also um backing up with nutrition and diet it's impossible um i may prolong they may be happy but to get rid of it we have to do everything so diet is the number one thing that you should do um i believe in a fresh raw real food um i no kibble if you do feed kittle um there there's ways that you can add things like bone broth and goat's milk or put you know raw fresh food on top of the kibble so there's other things that you can do but that's where our immune system lives so we have to support that um because otherwise if you're not doing the right diet i almost feel like you're taking the full spectrum hemp gel extract and it's got to do all the work on the gut and can't get anything else because you're not doing that right and it's got to fix that right first what we do with the the great diet and with a whole plant extract versus doing a prescription drug is that we're not putting any poisons or toxins in their body and we're allowing their body to do the work and get rid of the disease you mentioned prescription drugs also prescription diets as well right yes they are not prescription diets they are not based on science they are just to take your money people need to remember that vets are not taught about um diet and nutrition so when they have a practice and they don't have any food or can make a recommendation and these companies walk.

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We have a science diet that we've created so all you have to do is tell them to buy it and we'll give you fifty percent of everything that you buy of course it makes sense so to me it was an answer and easy answer for vets but the vets did not do the research or look or see if it was based or learned because those who have know that those uh those diets are non-food they um there are so many lawsuits out right now they use diseased animals they put toxic chemicals synthetic vitamins because when you bake a kibble you if it had any real food in in the first place they have killed every beneficial anything in it and now they have to go back and put all the vitamins and stuff back in it so i do not like kibble um and there's it there it seems daunting but i feed 10 dogs raw or fresh every single day and they all can't eat the same thing so if i can do it anybody can do it exactly hemp gel and there's lots of choices you know there's we we've been taught that dogs aren't supposed to be eating human food is food real food is real food.

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And if it's real food it's good for you and for your dog exactly you could a simple have a a diet that has a base that you rehydrate and then you throw on whatever you're eating whatever protein it is or people need to realize that eggs sardines and anchovies which are so cheap are so good for them an amazing a protein source and they're not they're not expensive so you don't have to go break the bank um but the better you treat them now the less you'll go to the vet the less you'll have cancer and disease in the end which you'll be able to pay forhemp gel.It eventually it's kibble is like a slow kill right it's poison you know it's a poison because you're putting toxins in the body and there are so many dogs i've come across as well that they have this health issue all due to uh kibble and then when it's too late people say okay what do i do now how do i save this dog how do i undo this doing and the simplest thing