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That makes sense i'm sure to you um what are maybe some like less obvious things that it leads to um allergies so many people this time of year are talking to me about allergies and inflammation is such a huge part of what's going on with that um you know you can read about how um chronic inflammation has its own role in cancer chronic inflammation has a role to play in depression hemp seed oil capsules and things going on with your mood um so i would consider a healthy inflammatory response to be like foundational for overall health and wellness and i think it is really at the root of many of the things that um we're dealing with okay so you're going to get to hear from a great lineup of speakers and we're going to start off by looking at topical support first so melissa take it away amy are you gonna forgive me i have some internal use on mine she broke my categories guys she had one rule just kidding i love you of course of course okay so i'm really excited because i get to talk about two oils one single oil and one oil blend so i'm going to start you off and i might throw in a little internal use so hold on to your hat the first oil they get that i get to talk about is copaiba or copaiba and i'm going to start off with a little bit of science now i will say that there are people in this group that are more scientific minded than i am so i'm going to um try to give this justice just hang on with me for just a second.

Medicinal Benefits of Cannabis and Hemp

So I want you to understand that copaiba essential oil is so unique and it's really effective because of its high level of beta-caryophyllene um copaiba has the highest level of beta-carrot caryophyllin that we are aware of so we I'm just going to call that BCP right instead of that long word so BCP targets the body's cb2 receptors and it ignores the cb1 receptor now like i just want you to hang in here cb2 receptors are believed to play a role in uh regulating our immune signaling and our inflammatory response so that's a really good thing the cb1 receptors are involved in receiving that high that's associated with cannabis okay so it's a really good thing what copaiba can do so what I'm saying is copaiba stimulates a healthy immune and healthy inflammatory response without giving you that high that you would get from other products that contain ingredients that would affect that cb1 receptor.

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This pure and powerful essential oil from amazon will lower your inflammation and therefore decrease your pain without any kind of response that would cause you to fail a drug test which can be true of other CBD type of products on the market so i like to think of copaiba as doterra's response to the hemp seed oil capsules 1000mg industry I'm going to tell you something mind-blowing here it's similar to black pepper essential oil i bet you didn't know that so if you have one and not the other you can substitute them freely if you're in a pickle so copaiba can be added directly to your mouth to cleanse and soothe your gums and oral cavity let's just say so when someone has a tooth issue we tend to reach for on guard because of the clove oil which has natural anti-inflammatory properties but now you know you can reach for your copies too i've used copaiba throughout the pandemic for wrist pain


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