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I an expert on CBD oil but I think I can share with you some helpful insights to get you going so the first thing the big question is what is CBD oil and very basically hemp cream is that comes from a cannabis plant now wait a second I thought cannabis was marijuana you're right in some sense so what makes CBD oil not marijuana oil so the cannabis plant cannabis Sativa species has two different kinds it has not to get you high kind which is called hemp and it has gets you a high kind which is called marijuana there's a legal distinction of the two plants based on how much THC is contained in the plant so if there's less than 0.3 percent THC contained in the cannabis plant it's considered a hemp plant if there's greater than 0.3 percent.

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THC contained in the cannabis plant it's considered a marijuana plant so a good analogy for this would be dog breeds so you have a domestic dog it's one species different breeds can reproduce with each other and create viable offspring but there's different characteristics within that species that make different breeds although it's all the same species the same with the hemp in the marijuana plant so it's more of a spectrum from hemp to marijuana all within the overarching umbrella of cannabis sativa plants so that's gonna be an important distinction because CBD oil usually comes from a hemp plant the idea is you get a lot of the benefits from a cannabis plant but without hemp.
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THC component that is exceedingly high that might give you a psychoactive are high so why do we even care about CBD why do we care about the cannabis plan in general well very basically cannabis and the cannabinoids that are in it interact with the endocannabinoid system in our body so this is a system in our body that are some interrelated processes that govern different aspects of our immune system of pain receptors of our mood so if you get these molecules in your body it has some governance over those processes so there are three things that can interact with your endocannabinoid system the first thing is you have endogenous or your body makes its own cannabinoids.

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That interact with that system the second is phyto- cannabinoids which is a lot of we're going to be talking about here which are cannabinoids these molecules that are extracted from plants Phyto plant cannabinoids so those are molecules that include THC the psychoactive component in cannabis plants but also cannabidiol or CBD another type of cannabinoid that doesn't interact with the receptors that get you high but do a lot of the other things that interact with that endocannabinoid system the third thing is laboratory-derived cannabinoids so these are medical compounds like Marinol that have been regulated by the FDA but also street drugs like spice which are laboratory synthesized THC that middle group is really the focus of hemp seed oil capsules phytocannabinoids is there any way we can extract this from a cannabis plant put it in some kind of vehicle