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Your body talk listen to your body language or the how your symptoms are communicating to you because this is actually our body communicating to us and ways that we can listen to it and help and help it fix it and or prevent chronic disease hey heather so first off um we do have an amazing special it's love hemp seed oil capsules 1000mg it's all one word and it's by two capsules get one free and free shipping and part of this talk is going to be about um the ideal delivery system and why capsules are an ideal delivery system because we are talking about the brain gut connection so first off let me just um explain the brain and the gut speak the same language now what does that mean so let's back up.
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Way way back when you were in your mama's womb and explain how the brain and the gut came from the same place they broke off when we were in our womb or mama our mom's womb from the same spot in the spinal cord and they just grew like this and they've never disconnected they speak the same language because they came from the same place and they're holding hands still now what this means perky is that the brain turned into the central nervous system and the gut turned into the enteric nervous system they are still connected they're still holding hands they still signal and talk to each other consistently all the time in a bi-directional way now this is important because what happens to the brain and what happens to the gut affect each other so if the gut is inflamed or the brain is inflamed and i'm going to explain what inflammation is then the other the brain the gut are connected so whatever is happening to one is happening to the other hemp seed oil capsules 1000mg downstream so the enteric nervous system is considered the second brain.

And in many schools of thoughts and teachings the enteric nervous system is our second brain it actually does more thinking than the brain and the brain cannot be isolated and thought that it's disconnected from the rest of the body so what that means is the hemp seed oil capsules 1000mg system or the second brain actually uses the same receptors neurotransmitters and neurons as the brain this is profound because in western medicine we try to say oh it's just the gut oh it's just the brain oh it's just the liver oh it's just the heart and it's all connected and the brain and the gut are connected through the same type of lining and the same neurons receptors and neurotransmitters they speak the same language remember they're holding hands hi michael so what happens when these hands this holding hand that the brain and the gut do perfectly by design start to weaken and they're barely holding on now by a thread what does that look like and how can we start to recognize that in ourselves well first of all it looks like inflammation so because we love the kids so much i want to start with the kids and how this looks for kids so for kids a head injury might be the root cause of this inflammation it can be a traumatic brain injury it can be a concussion or it can be consistent head bumps and some of the leading causes of brain inflammation for kids 14 and under are hey scott are riding your bike falling off your bike even with a helmet you're not guaranteed hemp seed oil capsules 1000mg.