The Benefits Of Hemp Cream

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Which is so easy you just take your infused butter mix it with cheddar cheese flour and salt roll that out and bake it and it makes like a little um mock cheese it and that tastes really good i um it covers up the flavor really well especially if you add a little rosemary so you can infuse crackers you can make sauces you can put it in soups or stews right pretty much anything that has fat in it you can also choose to just encapsulate your oil if you'd rather not taste it at all so you can buy these little capsule machines with um you can get the empty gelatin or they have vegetarian capsules and just get a little pipette and fill all of your capsules with the oil and then there's a fun little chunk thing hemp cream that you do to like cap them all and then you can have your capsules made out for the next month or so so that's another option that our bodies consume very similarly to an edible um so the important thing about having fat in these foods a couple of things.

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We know first of all that it's a good extraction method so we've already got it in that form but the presence of fat in an edible actually improves the assimilation of cannabinoids as well they've done studies where people have taken cannabis orally without fat and then consumed it with that and basically the bioavailability how much they absorb into their body is so much higher when there's been fat present so always a good idea to put it in an edible with fat um you can certainly put it into an edible that doesn't have fat like a lozenge um the issue there is it doesn't really like to distribute very well in a more watery solution like a lozenge base would be um so you might get one that's way stronger than the other which is not ideal um but then the other piece around.

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That is if it doesn't have the fat you might be missing out on some of the absorption the really fun thing about creating edibles is it also allows us to add other nutritional and herbal ingredients for an expanded entourage effect and i didn't define that earlier that's a phrase that's often used in the cannabis world um entourage effect just means the some parts of all of the compounds that are in the cannabis plant working together it's basically synergy how all these things work with one another to create a more powerful medicine than if we isolated the compounds and when we're adding an edible to the mix with other herbs potentially other spices we get a chance to expand that entourage effect and bring in other therapeutic ingredients as well so i think that's super fun and we can get really creative there um and historically that's what was done historically edibles cannabis edibles would often incorporate other herbs and spices many of which were also anti-inflammatory or supportive of the digestive system which is going to help us again absorb more of those cannabinoids so this is a recipe that i love to share with people it is hands down the tastiest animal i've ever had um i realize it's going to be really hard to absorb all of this in slide form and a presentation so if folks email me after this is over i'm happy to share this slideshow with the recipes in it so i can send that to you in a pdf form if you want to have all of this hemp seed oil capsules 1000mg but this is an example.