The Benefits Of Hemp Seed Oil Capsules

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I always suggest is change the food right away you'll see great results you're going to add some years to the dog and fresh food it's fresh it can only do clean the body right and give them the nutrients that they need you to know everything that they need is should be in whole food or even in the whole plant or vegetable it's all there yeah i mean in general I think food companies have this marketing thing that this is a dog food kibble is dog food and that that that's mindset has brainwashed dog owners that that's what i need to feed the dog convenient so good we're like great this makes living, yeah oh i said you know a good kibble is like hemp seed oil capsules eating cheerios every single day.

Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules
With no milk not only is that not enjoyable but i certainly am not going to be able to get everything i need out of cheerios but imagine eating cheerios every day and some days you get some milk some days you get some uh i don't know something on top of that grape still it's a cheerio angela i love your energy i love your passion i'm really excited that i met you and i found you and you're doing this and you know if people want to learn about you and the company that you have and also the products that you have where can they visit um i'm a pet cannabis expert so it's my website's my name if you want to learn about um the product and both those websites have a wealth of information you literally can type in what is wrong with your dog and probably find where a we list all the research that's out there for animals so that you can see that it's works and that it's safe completely safe for animals along with stories tons of stories and case studies of dogs who have you know benefited from this medicine whether .

What Are The Benefits Of Hemp Capsules

It is cancer or I've had I can't tell you how many uh pugs and Frenchies that were not walking anymore got up and started walking so it's an amazing medicine it can only help everyone i say cannabis is gonna save the world nice you
hello hello my beautiful friends how are you today welcome back to my caliente kitchen and as usual I have a calendar topic today and for that reason, I make sure I brought an expert to you so I heard her speak at a national conference on nutritional dietetics about cannabis and CBD and I was extremely impressed and I'm finally was able to invite her and she and she said yes I was very excited about these this is a friend a colleague john is a new will bixwitch how are you Janice I'm great all I'm on well so good to see you soon to see you too and aka Jan Avis right.

you know this Janice Jennifer's wellness yes I love that yes so let's jump into it so cannabis what is cannabis is that marijuana well cannabis is the official term for it so here is a plant okay this is a cannabis plant it's always been called cannabis now in the early 1900s we had some mexican immigrants come over and they called it marijuana and the reason that cannabis was made illegal it was political and racial and basically prohibition ended in the 1930s and the government agencies needed another substance to vilify in order to keep their jobs so since some black jazz musicians and mexican immigrants used cannabis the mexicans called it marijuana they said this is it we're going to go after this plant and make it illegal to possess it so it gave them a reason frankly to imprison some of these people it was history so it is

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