Haha, too funny...I was thinking of her too! We've been crazy here, my middle daughter got into a very bad car accident a year ago December, but she is okay now...and I've been working alot.

Hoping to be around a bit more again :) It's nice to see familiar people <3

Haha! Oh my goodness yes that is so funny! Literally @elew I just wrote this post mentioning you as one of the Steemians I miss around here so much! Thanks for dinging me @minismallholding or I might have overlooked this post!

Thanks so much for the recipe. We love Thieves essential oil and yes it is pretty pricey to obtain. Resteeming this post for reference!

I’m glad your daughter is okay now. I know you are so busy. How’s your business going? I look forward to having more monies freed up so I can purchase from your shop! I want more earrings! 😂 I LOVE my earrings and think of you every time I wear them ~ 😘💛

Oh and things have really been changing around here. As you’ll see curation has gotten much better! There have been some really wonderful curators and curating groups that have been supporting us smaller fish tremendously!

Hey Lady <3

You know it's been a while, we can trade for a hubby hat if you have time to make one! I started making these leather top beaded earrings and love how they come out, but we can trade for any you like :)
Business is good, I have an actual workshop space, so painting it, sanding floors, getting ready to build workbenches. I'll put up a progress post soon :) I'm sharing the space with a couple other artists.

I'll have to catch up here...I still Admin the fb beading group, and we have about 25,000 members...but we have a bunch of Mods helping there now. Are we still doing Needlework Mondays?

How's the baby? and family? I hope you are all well...

Spiral Leather Seed Beaded Dangle Earrings 1b.jpg

Ooooohhh those are Gorgeous! Okay I’ll have to contact you through email again soon. I need to browse your shop. Do you have other ones like these up too?

Awesome, congratulations on your work space! 🎉👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I know that is exciting! Yes you’ll have to share that with us soon, I’d love to see it.

Wow that’s a lot of people in the FB group, glad to hear it’s growing and you have more help now. Yes, #NeedleWorkMonday is still going strong! I am so grateful that a few of our members are mods now and are helping me to manage it all :)

Not sure if you are aware of the new “Communities” that have been released? Now you can post particularly in the community that your post relates to. We are still learning it all but if you get a chance you can subscribe to the needleworkmonday we just set up. Here’s the direct link...

Thanks so much for asking. We are all doing well and homeschooling is still going good too ~

Yes :) I have a few others listed, and you can choose anyone you like...I never check my actual email, haha, but if you message me on etsy I will see it for sure.

Thanks for the community link, I was looking through them trying to find one, then decided I would just ask you. It's all new to me but looks promising! If you post in the group does it save to your blog as well?

Looks like I came back just in time for the soft fork, I'm so glad they did it. We need some good contracts around the Steemit Inc accounts...

I'm so glad you are all well. Every so often I wonder how you all are. I'll put up a workshop progress post soon, it's going to be Awesome...

Yay awesome! I’ll be sure to visit your Etsy soon then!

Sure! After you post in the community you resteem your post to your blog. It won’t show Resteemed on your blog because it’s your own post :)

Yes so many changes happening it’s hard to keep up.

Yay looking forward to seeing your post!!

That must have been quite a year for you. So glad your daughter is okay now.

Thank you, yeah she is doing well...glad that chapter is behind us for sure