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RE: What is the HERTZ Algorithm Based Asset?

in #hertz4 years ago

There are few other algorithm based Blockchain technology coming to the crypto world. I want to definitely try this to see how it performs. When are you releasing the full variables?


If you don't mind, what are the other ones? I sort of understand what this is saying and would love to see more in action.

Hero is one, it appreciates 5% per year pegged to the USD. Arguably altcap.xdr which is a basket currency could be considered an algorithm based asset since it has a formula behind it, though AFAIK the calculation is done on the IMF's side.

There has been talk of the opposite to hero, an asset which depreciates x% per year which would actually be quite simple to implement as an ABA.

Do you have any ideas for an ABA?

The price feed scripts are fully open source and visible in the links at the end of my post.

Regarding the variables, the only variable that I believe may warrant changing is the amplitude. It was initially set to 0.5 however I think this may be too extreme.

Ideally interested parties would try the spreadsheet out and tell me what they thought would be sensible.

can you send some more lonk for education?