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The Steemit blockchain team has officially released version 0.21.0 of Steem also known as Hardfork 21 which contains code for adding a Worker Proposal System to Steem (called the Steem Proposal System or Steem.DAO) and the Economic Improvement Proposal to Steem.


As this is a planned hardfork of the Steem blockchain, exchanges that are operating Steem exchange nodes should upgrade as soon as possible so that there is no interruption of services when the hardfork is expected to occur on the 27th of August, 2019. Note that this is contingent on supermajority adoption by the Steem witnesses of the suggested upgrade, as is always the case with hardforks.

The Steemit Team


providing opposing opinion without any facts and feels morally superior for it

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Curse words, name calling, two facts riddled with typos, one bullshit statement, and a threat about quitting.

Defensive reply from representative of Steemit, Inc.

Pulls the victim card.

Claims that SMTs and Communities will solve all your problems including gout

3000 word response that's impossible to respond to and @ned gets tagged for no reason.

Token reply from a non-techie Steemian that will be ignored because I didn't use enough crypto jargon

3000 word response that's impossible to respond to and @ned gets tagged for no reason.

Shorter math response although logically well riddled!!


And yeah, ¿Why not? let's tag @ned with no reason too. };)

I love this whole thread but now I have to DDOS Steemit just to fit in.

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I'm just here for the gout cure guys.

No, best treatment for gout is a topical application of kief mixed with olive oil!

Oh this is not the Weed.Cash feed? Sorry, got a little confused as to where I am... I think I will throw a little shade at this comment.

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Complaint from a spammer that @themarkymark unfairly put them on his blacklist and that he is the devil

Sock puppet accounts erupt in a giant chorus claiming victimhood

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unrelated sidenote


Feels like a hero.

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piles on with negativity and unabashedly requests support for his witness

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Random complaint for attention purposes and votes.

Have a nice day!

Do we just play games in the Steemit Team post comment sections? Wish I got the memo:

series of numbers and letters I am definitely not supposed to share with anyone -- my brother, mom, best friend, neighbor, or a striking Finnish woman

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That was worth a vote.

Senses everything going according to plan.

shit noooooooooo!

This comment has changed my life.

Lol, this comment thread made my day :D

Is now known as The Day Maker

Haha.. yeah! Mine too.

Let it be a countdown not only to a new hardfork, but to a new culture on Steem.

Curating whatever you perceive as the most valuable content and contributions to Steem will now certainly be more rewarding than before, so do it! We have this chance to incentivize and reward the behaviors and cultivate the environment that each of us have always wished that other social media(s) were, so just do it!

Honestly, I have no idea to what extent this fork will significantly improve the fundamental issues Steem has had over the past 2 years, but I do know that it is an opportunity for us to set a new standard for what Steem should be. This time without any excuse not to use our free downvotes to steer the ship in the right direction.

Let's go :)

Are you telling me that if I power up my steem, I can flag for free? Even if only once, that could be fun.

But are there any new users coming? The recent stats don't look good

I haven't seen a single significant effort considering how we will attract new users. Why they will come and what they will do here.

I am concerned (not mad or panicked) at that disconnect. Every stat I can think of to look at shows a shrinking user base and economy.

Anyone who has worked near a marketing team also knows there is usually a significant delay from planning and releasing a call to new users and results.

I have been spamming every single @steemitblog post for months that they need to advertise the blockchain to the real world and I have yet to get a legit reply to extreme necessity...

i feel like in the next strong bull market people will flood here but I agree there needs to be more onboardings

But are there any new users coming?

Flag the old users first ;)

I'll flag YOU @tarazkp!!!!!!! Let the flag wars begin everyone!!! 😈

Just kidding. Please lets keep it civil.

More users are likely to come and stay if the site and platform looks more attractive. This can be achieved by ensuring a better correlation between quality content and valuable contributions and rewards. If we can cultivate the type of environment we all would like to see more of on the web, surely there'll be others out there who share that view?

In any case, all the work is still ahead of us as a community to turn around and understand that the platform is what we make it to be.

Nice positive outlook.

Dear @fredrikaa

I'm seriously wondering how will HF21 impact our behaviours on Steemit and steem blockchain.

Definetly users will have more reasons to hold on to their SP, so selling pressure should slow down.


27th of August, 2019. Note that this is contingent on supermajority adoption by the Steem witnesses of the suggested upgrade, as is always the case with hardforks.

So this is just to tell us that after one month plus in the hands of the witnesses, that you are going to announce to all the businesses an implementation date that you have no real clues as to if it will happen or not, because the Supermajority has not spoken yet.

Instead of speculation, (on the witness acceptance), and a small attempt at coercion of the non-complying witnesses toward the super majority, it would have been much more useful to let us know where the witnesses stand on the issues, what their concerns are, and that this is why it is taking so long to determine if they are going to accept or deny the Hard Fork 21.

Contingent on supermajority--tells us, the users absolutely nothing. Announcing a date, basically giving the witnesses a Deadline smacks of coercion. I hope the witnesses, delay the HF21 well beyond your announced date. (There are several parts of HF21, that I think are bad), and that is why I hope they delay it, so they can properly do their due diligence and to not bow to pressures from any group, side, or organization.

Witnessess and other developers are still doing lots of work on the TestNet to make sure everything will run smoothly. Having a deadline is very helpful to motivate specially those doing the testing. As far as is known there is more than enough for super majority among the top 20 witnesses. But if those witnesses decide there are errors they are finding in the testnet that need to be resolved prior to approving and upgrading to the new software then that would delay it ... yes. (as it should)

Finally, a real word on how the testing is going. People, (well at least myself), just wanted to know that testing was indeed taking place, that things are running as planned.

The imposition of a deadline though should not be needed. I know at some point someone will have to stand up and say "O-kay, we have had this in test mode now for six weeks. What are the current issues we are having, where do we need to focus our testing? What has been tested to satisfactory conditions?"

While none of that may be know by the users, (me), at least you did let us know:

As far as is known there is more than enough for super majority among the top 20 witnesses.

For that you have my thanks.

 last year 

The last month was also a testing phase for us (as well as the witnesses and other developers). As a result, we can ensure a smoother hardfork as a few bugs were actually identified and solved.

Hard fork dates must be announced with enough time for businesses (especially exchanges) to be able to perform the upgrade. IF for some reason the majority of witnesses don't vote in this hardfork, it would not effect businesses that have upgraded - everything will keep on functioning as normal with the current hardfork version, even with the upgraded software.

Understood, and thanks for the clarification on the purpose of the announcement.

Testing is great and important. Have there been any parallel-feed tests this time to see how the code handles real account sizes, trafic, etc? But more importantly, are there any kill switches for the part of the HF that some people predict might reap havoc on the platform or even drive a mass exodus?

There are at least seven different ways how HF21 could backfire, and it would be nice knowing you guys have kill switches and contingency plans in place on what to act if any of these scenarios end up playing out.


Für ze Returd

Witness votes and therefore the elected witnesses can always change. There is no way to know for sure whether a hardfork is approved except to wait for the date and see what happens.

That said, all of the existing top 20 witnesses are in favor of it, as far as I know.

Thank you. I do understand that the top 20 witnesses can change at any time, even during a test period of a hard fork. HF21 has a lot of important items in it, it is nice to know that the testing is running smooth, that there have been few if any major problems with it.

After 6 weeks of it being released for testing, it is nice to see some actual update on the progress from you and and a few other witnesses. I realize a few people think I am as Baah thinks, however name calling is not what this is about, if "Drama" needs to be created in order to Learn that everything is going as planned then drama it will be in the eyes of some, and retarded questions in the eyes of others.

Thank you for the update, and it is good to hear that the current top 20 are not having any serious issues with any aspect of HF21.

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I'm a big fan of the hardfork. I think the SPS will allow us to fund things that aren't priorities for Steemit, but that the community really wants.

I believe that the EIP is a good system, we've already implemented those components into PALnet and it's going well.

Pending testing and community feedback I'm planning adopting this voluntarily and would encourage other consensus witnesses to do the same.

Can you summarize what you have seen over the course of using the EIP components on PALnet (or link somewhere if you have already done so). I think that would be useful information in evaluating this hardfork.

I note that on PALnet there are no mined stakes that enable capture of rewards, unlike Steem. This is a pretty fundamental difference, and I expect that EIP will exaggerate that difference. It will be interesting to observe the results.

I have completely opposite expectations than do you, for reasons I have repeated ad nauseum, and will forego here.

In the event HF21 is catastrophic, I hope to hear from you regarding how market cap has declined, users continue to hemorrhage, and Steem price fallen further. Also, in such event, how do you think PALnet would be impacted?


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Lets hope that you are right, but the question is if it works because you implemented parts of the EIP into PALnet or because there is a better token distribution ...

I really do not think this will be favorable to low stake holders. Remember my words.

Think this HF will drive most red fish and minnows, and most of the smaller dolphins to move their stake to a scot tribe. There your smaller stake is still worth something at the moment. Oh, and if enough of us move to Scot tribes, SMTs will truly end up being too little too late, so Steemit Inc, quit working on SMT and start working on opening up the STEEM economy with important features that could bring in top content creators. Maybe start with a blockchain level solution for supportind add revenue sharing on STEEM. Now that's something that would improve the ecconomy.

It will be what it will be... and we will see it soon!

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I'm afraid you're right :(

Good job guys looking foward to it. :)

This one isn't a keeper. Tag and release? It's better off dead.


Great Job


"... the hardfork is expected to occur on the 27th of August, 2019."

Is this a typo? Or are we being informed of this 2 days later?

Hopefully it is clear to our all-important Witnesses ...

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Thanks for the laugh hahahaha.

Sure @howo, happy to provide some comic relief in these challenging times ... 😉

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 last year 

It is currently July. The hardfork date is 4 weeks away 🙂

😯 Wow @justinw thanks! I better get my second cup of coffee down, before writing anything ... 😉

Worker Proposal System is a welcomed system!

Thanks to Steemit Team!

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I honestly do not know how I'd feel about the new hardfork, I still have trauma from the last one but I'm still here and Steem still entertains me. I am an optimistic person and at this point I see this as positive, for me it means Steemit Inc still cares about Steemit that they try. I hope they never stop trying and address every little thing that those whiners, complainers and all sorts of ingrates are crying about. Cheers!

I wouldn't call people who try to improve STEEM by introducing new ideas and making suggestions "whiners". Sometimes criticism is more helpful for the progress of a project than just saying "great" and "wonderful" all the time.

Anyone have any updates on the community features for Steem? I might make a proposal for a coding project but it is dependent on knowing more about community features.

I think this is the hardfork which change the phase of where STEEM is going! Thank you for the information and hope if you could add a widget to top of steemit with the count down for the HF21!


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But communities is much more than that... it's a set of technologies that will add lots of functionality. Moderation abilities and great hivemind integration. It can even be used to give solid tools to TRIBES. They aren't necessarily in competition.

I assume that you are speaking from a deeper knowledge that just the announcements? Sorry, but I will believe this when the communities will be deployed to production and working as promised.

There are teams that are producing much more and in a shorter time and have a much better track record.

My personal opinion is that Steemit dev team's energy would be better spent on maintaining the basic layer code and leaving the upper stores to others.

That's essentially what they're doing... they are working on is the basic layer code for how hivemind enables communities then the interfaces will build most of the actual user support for communities.

Then this is a win-win situation. When done correctly.

OK, let's wait and see and hope for the best.

Thanks for your answers!


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Any contingency plans yet? If not, STEEM has been fun while it lasted. And an other question: has the dust level threshold been fixed to fit the new reality? I think the biggest problem with HF21 isn't with any of the "features", it is with the way the sum of the features interacts with the dust level threshold. Basically after HF21 there is no sense left up voting comments on your posts unless you are a top-range dolphin or an orca. Single upvotes from anyone up to a small dolphin won't make dust level after HF21, and that is a huge social interaction killer.

There is a simple fix:

Move dust level from 0.02 to 0.005 or less!


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Cool. The date doesn't suit me though :)

Let me guess, the best date would be the date you earn your Orca batch on steemitboard ;-)

Think the date doesn't suite anyone who hasn't earned that badge yet.

To the moon 🌚!
I think this could increase tremendously the value of STEEM and bring more investors and interests to the platform.
Blog post on that topic incoming soon.
Let’s see 😉

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There is a reason STEEM is trading at 24 cents right now. The market isn't stupid.

There is, but it takes time to adapt to new information, cryptomarkets are not efficient.
Not yet at least.

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It’s much better to attempt at improving the system now. Steem is still so small.

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In the exchange section it says:

Note that this is contingent on supermajority adoption by the Steem witnesses of the suggested upgrade, as is always the case with hardforks

Exchanges (assuming they are not also witnesses) should probably go ahead and upgrade to 0.21.0 regardless. If the hardfork is not approved then the upgraded code will continue to work with the existing consensus rules, and there should be no interruption of service either way.

The only way to know for sure if the hardfork will be approved would be to wait until the last minute and that isn't a good idea.

That said, some exchanges may explicitly want to disable their wallet during any hard fork just in case of problems. In that case it would be okay to wait and see.

 last year 

Yes, we are recommending that all exchanges upgrade at their earliest convenience and preferably much sooner than the HF date.

Random complaint for attention purposes and votes.

Can you clarify the "We are adding a one comment edit per block lockout to accounts."

Will this lockout apply to original post as well??

 last year (edited)

Good question @silvertop. The answer is yes - to the blockchain, comments and posts are identical things. This is essentially saying that you can only edit a post or comment once every 3 seconds.

Thank you for clarifying this @justinw, I post my @actifit everyday with my IOS and I always go back to Steemit to drop in my photos.

I was concerned that that I would be locked out if I wanted to add another tag or had a typo....👍

Still shit :p

Ok, let's see what happen.

Fingers crossed.

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To infinity and beyond!

What is the "Curation Reverse Auction Window"? I'm still unsure about how curation rewards work on here.

You just want to vote before everyone else?

It will be a Tuesday.
It will be the 35th Tuesday of the year.
It will be in August.
It will be 2019.
It will be better.
It will be a witness day.
It will be a day to watch baseball.
It will be a day of radio if you are in Argentina.
It will be a day for steemit.
It will be a day for a change.

It will be !BEER time ... and some !popcorn too :)

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Resteemed :-)

May the Steem ♨ Force with Hard Fork........

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Can't wait the latest upgrade and update.
Bert wosher to the Steem community

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🤷🏼‍♂️ 🤣

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@remind-me 27th of August, 2019

Hey @pizzaboy77, I will notify you on August 27th 2019, 12:00:00 pm (UTC)
Later! ( read more... )

Hi @pizzaboy77!
You asked me in this comment to create a reminder.
It seems the time has passed!

!giphy fork

// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //


Como miembro activo de la comunidad hispana en Steemit, me alegra que se estén tomando medidas para el mejoramiento de esta plataforma, pero coincido con muchos, diciendo que este cambio no puede ni debe ser solo de imagen o de sistema, sino mas bien debe ser un cambio de cultura, de manera de pensar de quienes aquí vivimos y trabajamos diariamente por traer un buen contenido al mundo de las blockchain.
As an active member of the Hispanic community in Steemit, I am glad that measures are being taken to improve this platform, but I agree with many, saying that this change can not and should not be just image or system, but rather must be a change of culture, a way of thinking of those of us who live and work here daily to bring good content to the world of blockchain.

Awesome news yes yes date has been set can't wait for that awsome date thanks for this great update @Steemitblog

We have a clear date now, just prepare, whatever status you are in.
Any perceived improvements to the steem blockchain, can always be exciting, let get it on.

looks like things are really getting tougher for newbies to fit unti the steem community. This seems good to share.