HighVibe.Network: What you need to Know about HighVibe (HV)

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The entry of cryptocurrencies and their related products and services have had a specific impact in the user life with different projects seeking to address and solve specific socio-economic issues using the blockchain technology. HighVibe.Network (HV) is set to venture into the market with a unique solution that will give the human consciousness another dimension. 

The ecosystem will change how you interact with your self-development through the provision of a wide array of multi-dimensional tools that will create a link between a blockchain backed system and the traditional learning tools which are way too expensive for the ordinary brain with a desire to benefit from online content and similar resources.   

Key HighVibe (HV) Features

The highly anticipated HighVibe token will hit the ground as a utility token making it a hot cake to identify with especially for the user who is keen on a cryptocurrency that will gain traction and eventual value in a short time. 

With the HV digital asset, all you need is to become a participant in the network and you earn your first HV. You can pose as a content contributor, running simple campaigns on the network, contributing through commenting or just inviting others to join the ecosystem.

The platform is set to be highly democratic; account holders will have an upper hand in making decisions through an open voting system. The direction the network takes will be based on the user contribution. The more users you invite the more you grow your portfolio among the user community.

The fun feature on the HighVibe ecosystem is that the outfit comes with uplifting feature through mediation backed but musical platform, the Zen travel experience and AR and VR learning tools supported by health products that will change the user lifestyle experience.  

HighVibe ICO Project Summery

ICO started on: 11 November, 2018

ICO end date: 12 December, 2018

ICO token supply: 3,600,000,000

Soft cap: 2,500,000 USD

Hard cap: 28,068,300 USD 

Token ticker: HV

Token type: Utility-token

Accepted currencies ETH and BTC

How Does HighVibe System Work

The system runs on blockchain and gives the user easy accessibility to information. As a member, your identity is kept anonymous. However, you have total control of your online activities and you can make independent decisions on who access your information or content.

The HV is the native coin of the network and to access all services and products, you are required to use HV. Additionally, the coin acts as the fuel that makes the system function and progress. The coin supports development projects and funds any new features and acts as a decision making influencer. 

According to the HighVibe.Network whitepaper, the system charges no transaction fees and it is faster than most first and second generation cryptocurrency outfits. With the use of proof of brain mechanism, content developers have a chance to monetize their work whilst being shielded away from third party agents.

HighVibe (HV) Parting Shot

The HighVibe.Network (HV) value proposition appears promising. It is also open new opportunities and awakening the user experience through unique channels which do not have a lot of competing outfits. Their governance structure is above the bar and ushers in a new era in the industry.

With the medium level hype that the token is generating, early adopters have a chance to identify with a platform that has its audience cut out and more anticipation is likely when the platform rolls out its projects and heads for the mass adoption campaign. 

HighVibe roll out comes with some restrictions and you need to find out if your country is in the restricted list. This might however affect the platforms’ global appeal and reduce its visibility should there be a competing player in the market in the near future. it is better to use the HighVibe.Network whitepaper is your guide before participating. 

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