Hello @gamer00, it seems that you are having great daily workouts 💪.
Not sure if you have read a couple of txt I have sent you over the phone 😊, anyways hopefully you are having a great time with the family, and that the "resting" time will get you ready for our session on Monday 👌.

In the first picture is a true dragonfly ,?
Beautiful waterfall I imagine that in the winter you must freeze. I like those landscapes very much, it reminds me of a Zono in Venezuela that has similar landscapes ..

It seems that at some point it was also a quarry because of the type of rock,

Some really good images bud and looks a awesome day. I could do with an outing right about now.

How many hours does that hike take?

Took us altogether six hours to get to Karhunjuomalampi, and back to our cottage.

Cool, it sounds like a great adventure for the kids

Wow great enjoymnent traveling beautifull places

A beautiful spot at the middle of forest! Nice photography Jaro!


fabulous one

Very cool view in the pictures. Looks like you are enjoying at full swing. keep it up bro!

Resteem the post.. 👌👌

Just an amazing view!!

Good shots friend @gamer00!!!

Nature is great.
One has to spend time walking around nature.

The waterfall looks pretty going into the pond. Do you get bears in this area?

Realy beautiful photos bro. You are enjoying your time. Have a great day.

Did you see dragonfly @gamer? I saw already lol.
Top classy photo shots uploaded inside forest still your hiking. Such a powerful assets of the nature there. Better weather condition for hiking.

Very different scenery!! Wilder and raw!!
Love the atmosphere and vibrations!!
Very nice place to walk around!

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