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If you put a dozen of bananas and a bundle of money in front of a monkey, you'll see that monkey lifts a dozen bananas.
Not a bundle of money;
Because the monkey doesn't know -
That one bundle is worth the money with which a garden of banana can be bought.
That is exactly how the current Indian population is -
If he/she is asked to choose either of his/her own "self-interest" and "nations’ security”...
They will choose their own interests:
Because the present Indians do not understand that -
If the state is not secured, what is the benefit of folding their own sugarcane?

There is a three-pronged trend in India today.
First: -
India is a poor country:
So there is no need for a bullet train.
But India is again so financially healthy that it can afford refugees to millions of Rohingya.

Second: -
About half of the country's first row panelled lawyers are found to question about the mosque...
Whereas Subhramaniyam Swami is the only lawyer to raise question on behalf of temple!

Third: -
Opposition to GST is seen in the country.
But no one ever demonstrate against population growth!

The more interesting thing is -
Family with two children give TAX to Amarnath Yatra and Ten children family gets Hajj subsidy!
India was once great
It was known as a country of heroes. Despite that, they were the Mughals slaves?
Because, the Hindu kings of that time were in such a state of jealous, abuse that they were also ready to help the Mughals to defeat each other.
It reveals that Hindu unity was not there from the beginning.
The situation is the same today:
On the one hand, Modiji stands for Hindutva.
On the other hand, the so-called secular Hindus stood up to defeat him.
I see many Hindus to oppose Modiji!
But no Muslim has ever been seen his face in opposition to the heroes of Wasi / Zakir.

Hindus were / are / have been responsible for the fall of Hindutva ...

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This is the high time for all the hindus to get united and give proof of their strong existence.

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