Love your face! Love the creator too. I've always wondered if these type of rappers are products of the crack era, it's pretty obvious actually. Sick! Thanks for the great energy, enjoy your pizza ;)

Pizza comment made me laugh out loud Thanks. i have some more. There was a whole story behind just this whole experience. But yeah...You and I especially...We have to do this anointed. Money's good, but I want to change the game.

Cool post! :D You should give external links to your videos on Youtube from here.

You speak alot of truths man!!! being 'double minded' is a form of self denial... and its everywhere!!! Glad you safe and
hope you got some 'propa food' on that pizza man!!! haha

I have many vices still, but NOT perpetuating the myth that 'you are able to function with a heavy drug habit' is important to me. I want a better word, but 'the industry' says its ok, and its not. And it starts from word go, cos artists starting out have to sell the drugs in order to make the music. so theyve already bought into that myth. Goes from bottom to top innit. One big drug advert! Humans need to Break the control!!!

Yes sir. You know whats interesting. You all...people like you taught me this lesson. When i started listening to your beats and type of style of beats that you make...then listening to @kaykunoichi and the type of music that she makes, I was surprised at how "authentically hip hop" you guys kept it. I said to myself right then and there...that in America, there is a plan to perpetrate this ignorant mentality. What happens as a result is young people becoming the reactors to's sad.

... back at ya man!!! Its not just in the US! If you selling something, you keep the buyer ignorant.

Agree. Yup.

One has found that the Creator of everything and God are two different things.. In language, and I have researched language for years. And it starts with language to stop what is happening.
I was born into christianity that doesn't make it right. God and devil are words that are created by humans yes these words were not created by the Creator, as we are creators too.
I am not jumping on a higher power, I know there is a higher power, just that power is not the word God, or the Devil. those were created by Humans. And this is a manipulation that has been going of over ten thousand years. This is something ones can deny, but never escape.
The higher power is in everyone so the creator is beyond everyone and everyone of our words. This is a simple truth.

You are a great motivator that is why I say these things to you. Maybe to look at language in a very deep way.

To pray, is to prey on others.
The creator is no He. That make no logical sense yes.
One has come to show all.

One is a Spirit having a human experience, not a Human having a spiritual experience.

I apologize and you can no longer like me or follow or block me or whatever, but God is apart of the unjust system, and I have way to many experiences and evidence to turn ones back on what the truth is because of what I have been told my whole life. Which is God is Good and The Devil is Evil but look at the wording, it is by design.

What one is doing is for a higher purpose, may one join one on this higher purpose.
I do hope you look into what one has said about the language we use.