Fiire! Love to all the snakes and spiders this halloween! <3

lol, thanks bro!

So dope man!!!Thankyou!! ... Im wondering if the technology is there for us all to jam live?? or maybe we should just smoke together live!!! haha!! make some weird one off podcast!!! Props everytime bro!!

hahaha!! that'll be dope!! we should do that sometime... we most definitely got the technology in this 21st century,lol... i've never done it personally, but it can be done!

If u down, I will research it and sort it!!!

Sup Bruv !!! Right how the F**k does this thing work :)

i'm down geeza!! lets!

... in the meantime, new jam is a smooth orchestral frequency bounce in a fine suit!!! (???) ... whatever that means!!?

hahahaha!! sounds groovy... let me check it out