Hong Kong Snapshot (73) – Lyndhurst Terrace, Honey, Flower, and Prostitute 香港隨拍 (73) – 擺花街,擺花風流,盡成往事

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Some people may say, prostitute is the oldest occupation of the world. It represents the basic need of human. Thousands of years after, we can still see a lot of brothels all over the world. Every one of you should have heard about the underground sex business of your city. Although most brothels now are operating in private, 170 years ago, it was one of the main tax income of HK.



There is a street called the Lyndhurst Terrace in Central of HK Island. The Chinese name is 擺花街, which means the street of flower. You may guess there must be a lot of florists. However, this “flower” didn’t really mean flower. In 1842, HK Island was ceded to Britain. Suddenly there were many British and adventurer from all over the world came to HK. And you know, the desire for food and sex is nature, the demand of prostitute greatly increased in HK. At the same time, the HK Government needed money to run the city. When they saw the demand of prostitute of HK, you know what they would do. In 1844, all brothels in HK were fined 5 dollars. Yeah, everybody understands that it’s the tax! And 2 years later, the HK Government offered official license to brothels and prostitutes.



At the early stage, the brothels of HK were mostly at two places. The low-grade Chinese brothels were at Tai Ping Shan Street in Sheung Wan. And the high grade western brothels were mostly at the Lyndhurst Street. Where did the western prostitutes come from? Mostly from Macau. There were already lot of Portuguese prostitute at Macau. When they found HK was developing, they all came to HK.


The old Lyndhurst Street (Photo from Wikipedia)

Of course, prostitution was not something glorious. So, the brothels usually placed advertisements of honey on newspaper. What was that honey for? You know that. And the clients had to bring a flower as recognition. Time passed and there were more and more florists at the street. The prostitutes were professional trained. They knew how to chat with men, cocktail, and also the knowledge of wine and cigar. Many people might go to the brothels just for chit chatting without sex.

當然,召妓不是一件風光的事,故洋妓都會在報紙登賣蜜糖的廣告,蜜糖指的當然就是妓女了,而嫖客們都會帶一束鮮花以作記認,久而久之,擺花街的鮮花店就越開越多了。這裡的妓院都主打高檔路線,妓女們都受過專業訓練,懂得與客人打酒談心,也會調酒和點雪茄,很多洋人當時都會到擺花街只為與妓女們把酒談心,一展風雅。呀,忘記了說,擺花街的英文名字是Lyndhurst Terrace倫核士街,但華人都稱呼其為擺花街,結果今天擺花街已成為它的官方名字。

The old Lyndhurst Street (Photo from Wikipedia)

In 1903, the HK Government started to develop Shek Tong Tsui at the west of HK Island. To do this, they forced all the brothels to move to Shek Tong Tsui. And the flowers and sex of Lyndhurst Terrace become history.
Today, there are only two flower shops in Lyndhurst Terrace. It becomes a commercial street.



This is Tai Cheong Bakery. Chris Patten, the last Governor of British HK, said that the egg tart of Tai Cheong is the most delicious in the world.



And Law Fu Kee. The fried dace ball is the most famous in Hong Kong.



You may find that the brothels of Lyndhurst Terrace were so high graded. So did the sailors and adventurers have money to go? Yes, they didn’t. And they won’t go to the low graded Chinese brothels. Therefore, in Wan Chai, we got a name for a street, “Big Number”. Let me tell you the story in the next post!


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Thanks for spending your time to read my articles. I like to share stories of Hong Kong. I wish you may support me and I will keep going!



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This is some interesting info, @aaronli. 😄

No money no honey

now you learn something new everyday, even for your own hometown

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Everything is so colorful in Hong Kong, even the people :) Looks beautifully!

thank you~