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RE: There Is No Such Thing As Palestine/Palestinian People - From The Mouths Of Arabs

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I think you may have got the wrong end of the stick on this question. The end of WWI brought about the division of the former Ottoman Empire by the western powers, the British part of the Levant bordering their possession of Egypt was named Palestine.

Israel displaced many non-Jews from the Palestine's north coast and declared itself a state. Then in a series of wars Israel took control over parts of Lebanon and Syria as well as the eastern and southern portions of Palestine.

There were Jews long established in the area, as well as more recent immigrants. The Palestinian people are the non-Jewish original inhabitants prior to the establishment of the Israeli-state . They very much exist.

The quote from Hafez Al-Assad is a reference to pan-arab nationalism and that Palestine was an imperialist creation of recent invention which is not denied by anyone.

Palestine is in the Bible, it is the land of the Philistines, the whole coastal part was called by the Roman's from thee 1st to the 7th Century Palaelstina (Prima, Secunda and Tertia), and covers the area of present Israel.


Thanks for your reply.

-Israel didn't declare itself a state, the UN did.

-Israel was never the Philistines homeland, they invaded it but was never called Palestine until as you said the Romans renamed it after the failed Jewish revolt.

The video covers pretty much every aspect of this issue, worth checking out if haven't.


I think you have you facts a little mixed, UN membership was applied for after the declaration of statehood in Tel Aviv. A year after the request the UN accepted membership __ that was a year afteer Palestinians were driven out of the area.

I will watch the video and get back to you.

"On May 14, 1948, on the day in which the British Mandate over a Palestine expired, the Jewish People's Council gathered at the Tel Aviv Museum, and approved the following proclamation, declaring the establishment of the State of Israel."

"On 15 May 1948, one day after the declaration of its establishment, Israel applied for membership of the United Nations, but the application was not acted on by the Security Council. Israel's second application was rejected by the Security Council on 17 December 1948 by a 5 to 1 vote, with 5 abstentions. Syria was the sole negative vote; the U.S., Argentina, Colombia, the Soviet Union and Ukraine voted in favor; and Belgium, Britain, Canada, China and France abstained.

"Israel's application was renewed in 1949 after the Israeli elections. By UN Security Council Resolution 69, the Security Council voted, on 4 March 1949, 9 to 1 in favour of membership, with Egypt voting no and Great Britain abstaining. Those voting in favour were China (ROC), France, United States, Soviet Union, Argentina, Canada, Cuba, Norway, and Ukrainian SSR.

"On 11 May 1949, the General Assembly by the requisite two-thirds majority approved the application to admit Israel to the UN by United Nations General Assembly Resolution 273"

My point was tho that Israel is a legally recognized state by the UN.

Forgive me I could only bare to watch half the video I am afraid it is nonsense.

The Palestinian people are those people who lived in the area before the end of World War I, they consisted of Muslims, Christians, and Jews who have been intermarrying millennium in the same area, genetically mixed with various other peoples including Egyptians, Hittites, Assyrians, Romans, Greeks, European Crusaders and many others.

In the early modern period and especially in the 19th Century European Jews have in small numbers migrated to that area. During the rise of anti-Semitism more people came there during the 20th Century.

All this argument about original inhabitants is just garbage. What is being argued genetic derivation? Religious affiliation or cultural continuity? None of which can establish any particular group as original --- it is ridiculous.

People today are living in refugee camps, confined within the Gaza ghetto and West-bank encampments, their lands taken from them --- they are the Palestinian people, because that is the 'protected' state they came from albeit only invented by Western powers at the end of WWI.

The reality does not evaporate because of such abstract and meaningless. The video is a concoction of historical snippets. Assad's comments are about Ottoman Syria (Eyalet of Damascus), because Baathism does not accept the right of divisions of Western Powers in 1918.

Perhaps it would be better to outline the principles of nationhood that makes 'original ownership' pre-eminent over the lives and property of living people?

Sorry I should not be so harsh, but I am afraid such 'documentaries' are more like desperate propaganda than reasoned argument.