SAINT VALENTINE. Let's talk about him.

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Valentine is the saint of Terni, he was the Bishop of Terni, he  died February 14, around the 273 a.c , because of the Roman prefect Furius placido, during the christians  persecution , under the emperor Aurelio.

 Saint Valentine was arrested for marring christians people and for converting them , christianity was not accepted during Aurelio's reign, the saint  was improsoned by the emperor, forced to pray idols and than martyred and  buried on the Via Flaminia to the north of Rome. 

[Aurelio bust]

Let's talk about Valentine or in italian Valentino. 

His life,  given to the apostolate and enobled by his matyrdom, induced the  citizens of Terni in to proclaim him the Patron Saint of the City, he was bishop of Terni and Narni and he gave his entire life to Jesus . Nowadays he is the saint of lovers. 

The romantic nature of Valentine's Day may have derived from the  Middle Ages, when it was believed that birds paired couples in february (And there are many portraits of Valentino with birds and flowers) ,  some believe that Valentine's Day was  created to  overpower the pagan holiday,  Lupercalia and trasform it in christian celebration , but actually we don't know the truth . 

We do not have right or wrong History about Valentine, we still have few resources about his story, we know he existed as other saints valentines but we do not have a sure History about him. 

Happy Valentine to all steemians!

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