Aristotle, Who is Aristotle And What is His Work? Second Part!

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What is next in the life of Aristotle? Just read here!

Among the writing are short informative lectures on logic, called

Organon, because "they provide the means by which positive knowledge

is to be attained". His writings on natural science include Physics,

which gives a huge amount of information on astronomy, meteorology,

plants, and animals. His writings on nature, scope and properties

of being, which Aristotle called First Philosophy it was " Prote Philosophia"

were given the little Metaphysics in the first published version of his

works around 60 BC because in that edition they followed Physics.

His belief of the "Prime Mover" or first cause, was pure intellect, perfect

in unity, immutable, and, as he said, "the thought of thought" is given

in the Metaphysics. Other famous works include his Rhetoric,

his Poetics we only have incomplete pieces off, and his Politics.

Because of the influence of his father's medical profession,

Aristotle's philosophy was mainly stressed on biology, the opposite of

Plato's emphasis on mathematics. Aristotle regarded the world as

"made up of individuals occurring in fixed natural kinds. He said,

" each individual has its built-in specific pattern of development and

grows toward proper self-realization as a specimen of its type. Growth,

purpose and direction are thus built into nature." Although science

studies many things, according to Aristotle, "these things find their

existence in particular individuals. Science and philosophy must,

therefore, balance, not simply choose between, the claims of empiricism

observation and sense experience and formalism.

One of the most famous of Aristotle's contributions was a new

notion of causality. "Each thing or event," he thought, has more

than one 'reason' that helps to explain what, why, and where it is.

" Earlier Greek thinkers thought that only one sort of cause can explain

itself: Aristotle said four. The word Aristotle uses, action, "a responsible,

explanatory factor" is not the same as the word cause now.



Aristotle was a genius. It's really cool that even how far we've gone in tech we still find good advice and knowledge by aristotle.

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