Our student organization and Rabindranath

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Forty years ago, when I entered the Katakana Darjeza and came to Katakana, I was admitted to college. The interest in Rabbinate was the strongest in the student front. 'Moment' has been published till the moment. The 'eye sands' are under way in the ninety-nine Bengal tourists. 'Charisma Shabby' came out in Bharat. Many famous short stories are written.

In Deprave, 'Khwarizmi-Chi tr Bharat' has been shown to be 'neglect of poetry'. Alida's poem-criticism articles are being published in the public meetings and published in Bangladesh. The discussion of Bangle language and grammar has begun. Songs of Rabbinate were motivated to sing Bengali voice. This is the new idea of ​​the new type and possible living among the poets and writers in the country, so come to the students.

But in front of our eyes, this versatile excellence of a wonderful excellence in Bangladesh is creating such comparisons, which is rarely found in the history of the world's literature, that knowledge was not born and he did not even have the courage to think about it. There was a group of us among those complaints that the poetry of Rabbinate Tagore was not able to be sure that he had been grasping the tough thing in him (the complaint brought Dwijendralal verdict in the end of his student life). But the poetry of Rabbinate is not the same.

But the crowd did not just listen to her article, see her and read her. And in the meeting, stay in the post of Rabbinate Tagore, and stay at the president, and at the end of the meeting, we have repeatedly chanted the singing of his songs, and people like Gurus Bandyopadhyay could also be found abettor occasionally. Rabbinate was in his literature and in his life. Our absolute wonderful things