The burning of the Library of Alexandria set human civilization back at least 1000 years

in #history4 years ago (edited)

I find it amazing that these geniuses understood much more than your average high school student (physics, maths, anatomy, culture) even thousands year later. They were very cultured people who had a deep understanding of the world. They are the true pioneers of our society. I can't believe such an act was committed for the sake imperialism and human green, it's truly a tragedy. I wonder how life would have been if this act did not occur. What I don't understand is that at the Vatican archives contains some of these ancient scrolls yet it's not available for the public. This is also another crime that is happening today. Why do you believe it was burned for the asking of conquering or to keep the society ignorant of the truth; this also applies to the Vatican archives


The extensive genealogical records the Mormon Church has is alarming, as well. So many of us are seeking answers...that these people have. It's silly how much money is spent looking towards space, when much of what they're looking for could be archived in Rome. Thanks for this

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