Murdered US spy found alive 50 years after his death. The final chapter in my father's story?

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Just when I thought there could be no further twists to the fantastical tale of my father's life in the Philippines, along comes another reason why I cannot give up on the idea of telling his story to the world.

His tale is so interesting that over the years it has been picked up by various different people who continued the research for their own entertainment, or as it was this year, with the intention of turing it into a Netflix film. It is in this way that I learned yesterday of what seems likely to be the final twist & perfect end to this story:

A man who was crucial to proving the US gov had perverted the course of justice in a dramatic court case back in 1962 disappeared just before he was due to give his testimony. No corpse was ever found yet two local men confessed to his murder (death by sharks) and the case continued without him.

What I discovered yesterday is that he is apparently still alive, living in a care home in Canada. If true, this news confirms with certainty that he was removed from the picture by the US government to guarantee my father could not win his case.

Dad was prevented from establishing new businesses over the next 30 years in multiple different countries by undercover US operations and ultimately died penniless and resentful.

Philippine newspaper article, 1965

In a nutshell...

Harry Solomon Stonehill was born in Chicago but found himself in the Philippines during the 2nd World War, fighting the Japanese. He saw potential and stayed on after the war to become the most powerful businessman the country had ever known. He controlled 17 corporations, was very close with President Macapal and was like a legend amongst the people themselves who would reach out to touch him in the streets believing it would bring them wealth & prosperity.

His ego was not small and when asked about his relationship with the government, he famously once bragged "I am the government!"

His primary business was tobacco and this was to be his undoing.

Checking tobacco quality in his office 1955

He cut off the supply of US tobacco to the Philippines by teaching rice farmers how to grow this more profitable plant, so the US approached him demanding that he do them political favours, to the tune of guaranteeing the election of a different man, the notorious (and US friendly) Marcos. Stonehill refused and ultimately sealed his fate.

The spy who didn't die

Menhart Spielman was a Jewish Holocaust survivor whose entire family had been wiped out by the war. He was employed by the US to find a way to get Stonehill out of the Philippines once and for all.

This image is the only one I can find showing his face.

Screen Shot 20191207 at 18.08.57.png

Harry sympathised with Holocaust survivors because his parents were Polish Jews who had also lost a large number of friends & family to the war.


Stonehill with parents 1972

Spielman was consequently able to easily gain employment with Stonehill in the Philippines and it didn't take him long to infiltrate the inner workings.

The evidence he was looking for appeared in the form of a notebook which documented hundreds of 'off the book' payments to government officials and top businessmen.

I want to point out here that all foreign businessmen who wished to ensure smooth ongoing transactions in Asia employed this practice. They didn't even have a word for bribery. It was just standard practice. The mistake my father made was in keeping record of such sensitive information and I can only think it was his ego which led him to do this.

Stonehill with partners & associates 1955

The end of the line

Instead of taking the notebook directly to the US, Spielman approached Stonehill and offered him the chance to bribe his way out of trouble. I never saw my father angry, but I can imagine how in this situation he would not have kept his cool. He refused to pay the bribe and threatened to kill Spielman if he handed the notebook over to the US.

Spielman ignored the threat and sent the notebook to the US sparking off a swift chain of events.

The US gov threatened to publicly reveal the notebook if President Macapagal did not evict Stonehill & his business partner from the Philippines immediately. Such a move would have threatened the President's administration, so he had no choice.

Their bank accounts & assets were seized by the Philippine government, they were deported at gunpoint and the previously Stonehill owned media pumped out stories of corruption, painting them as criminals to justify the deportation.

As I previously mentioned, when the time came for Spielman to testify in the US, he suddenly disappeared. It was apparent he was going to tell the truth and reveal his primary mission in the Philippines, so the US did what they always do in these situations and removed him from the picture.

To add insult to injury it was implied by the US that Stonehill had something to do with the death of Spielman, leading many to label him a murderer. Something I can assure you he was not.

I had assumed all these years the US simply had Spielman killed.

So now that I know he is alive and likely doesn't have long to live, I am wondering if he would be willing to tell the truth on camera?

Had my father won his case my sisters and I would have inherited a ridiculous amount of money.

That's me on the left with my mother, father & two sisters.

I was disappointed a long time ago but today I am over it. Further to this I can acknowledge that receiving millions of dollars at the age of 25 (when I was a big drug user) would probably not have taken my life in a good direction.

me, mum & dad.jpg

My mother, myself & my father in 1992

The only thing which matters to me now is that history does not paint his tale dishonestly. When I google his name I find articles like this one which portray him as a criminal because they have no knowledge of the story I have just told you.

What can I do?

All my life I have known the answer to this question.

A quality documentary must be made, followed by a book and feature film.

Is it a coincidence that I was drawn to filmmaking at an early age, despite my father pushing me to be a businessman?

I don't think so.

The proposed Netflix film felt like the answer earlier this year, but just as with so many previous attempts to make this story public, the funding has for some reason been denied at the last moment.

And only I remain.

Somehow I must fund this project myself and go to the Philippines with my camera.

It almost feels like my destiny.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 06.51.21.png

Harry Stonehill 1917 - 2002

The following words are taken from his unpublished autobiography:

"Ever since my parents brain washed me into believing America was a magnificent nation, completely altruistic and sincerely devoted to helping under privileged peoples, even to its own detriment, I had believed it with all my heart until I saw what they could do to one of its citizens if that person did not bend to its powerful bureaucracy or political dictates.

In relating the sincerity of myself towards the self improvement of this impoverished under developed Philippines, and then finding I was fighting a group in Washington dedicated only to American self interests, shocked me and destroyed my naive desires.

This is a story about the good guys and the bad guys. Generally the good guys win the battles against the evils of the world and the bad guys end up paying for the consequences of their actions in many different ways.

I am of the opinion a great injustice has been done and I believe in this instance, the good guys have committed continuous criminal acts in collaboration with the U.S. Federal Judiciary, the U.S. State Department, FBI, CIA and Department of Justice. And in doing so have reversed their roles with the bad guys."

Who is @samstonehill?

He was a London based filmmaker until he sold everything and set out on a barefoot journey around the world, currently based in the South of France.

He is travelling with his partner & two children and with no bank account he has been living on crypto for over two years.

old banner.jpg

Sam supports @naturalmedicine because they are seeking to help us in ways which go far beyond money. Please come and join us on Discord

All content created for this account is 100% original (unless otherwise stated), produced by @samstonehill who invites you to use & share freely as you wish.


All non original photo sources can be found by clicking on the image


Abundance laws will prevail... you have to do this! Never a perfect time. Fascinating story. I can see the family resemblance! Oh god.... yeah being in control of millions during that time may not have been a good idea!!!

Did you catch this comparison pic I posted earlier this year?

I see him in Esteban so much. Even more since I have returned to France. Not just the way he looks but in the way he fills the room with his energy and creates smiles wherever he goes.

I have always felt as if the way to this film would present itself to me in such an obvious manner I would not be able to ignore it, but as you say perhaps there is never a perfect time!

No I didnt! Gosh... yes the family resemblance is uncanny.. espec the smile!

There must be some gofundme groups who would bankroll something like this? Have you checked?

I fully understand and can emppathise with your need to tell the truth - as you know it, from your side.

People who trust govs never cease to amaze me. After all, why would politics attract more honest people than not? How could a politician with a heart and courage be a successful politician - even if some start that way.

Hello my friend! I haven't checked the gofundme route mostly because I have not fully dedicated myself to this project yet. I really thought the famous Philippine director who contacted me this year would find a way. But sadly this was not to be the case.

Something else I have grappled with over the years are these kind of questions: Why do I want to tell this story? Is it just my ego? Why should I care what other people think? Do I even advocate the kind of life he lived? Ultimately he was was a good man but was suckered in by the american dream and his naivety cost him everything.

In moments like this when there is new information I feel myself more drawn towards it and I wonder if a documentary might help wake a few people up from their own versions of the american dream? The idea of helping people is a more powerful one than the idea of re-writing the history books.

Odd...I thought you wanted to do it because you loved him and wanted your children to get to know him - the good and bad..or weaknesses, which serve to remind us that he was only human...unlike the wealthy of today.

If I could, I would do something like this for my father, for I admire that he built himself up from a kid who had to carry his shoes to school so that they last longer, to a man who became one of the Greek shipowners we hear so much about, yet never put on airs, loved going to his home village to drink coffee and talk with shepherds etc, while writing literature that was published in 7 languages and never turned away a plea to help a child who needed medical attention.

Hmm...maybe I should make a post about the two men who stole from him...and how he reacted. I think they make marvellous lessons - except, it would be wasted, as nobody reads my posts anyway.

Those who ignore their roots do not only end up denying their ancestors, they also cut themselves off from the lessons they should have learnt so as to grow deeper ways of thinking and dreaming. An odd thing is that most of those who deny the importance of their family history, want their own children to love them and learn from them their values.

Okay, I am done with pontificating :)

I would love to read more about your father! If you do write it please drop me a message.

Thank you for your thoughts. I cannot deny that I still love him very much and will forever remain grateful for the 'money does not equal happiness' lesson which I learned at a very early age watching him always wishing for more, unable to fully appreciate the perfection of what he had. It led me to write a manifeso at the age of 13 in the back of a maths book describing an off beat community which would function without money. Further to this I was free from a young age of the idea that governments care about us.

So whether I make the film or not the story of his life was always destined to be a part of my children's education.

I just want to be clear with my motivation and energy behind such a huge project. This way I will be able to accurately judge it against the more recent (and very powerful) energy which tells me self sufficiency should be the primary goal for my family and I as we approach this critical time in human history.

I strongly agree with your last sentence


I have been reading - and telling everyone I care about of what is coming, but nobody seemed to believe me.

Well, as per the post I am showing you, it is starting to happen. Please take it to heart and stock up as fast as you can.

Hello! Yes, I follow both @adapt2030 and @iceagefarmer here and on YouTube. Together they provide solid info on where we are at and how to prepare.

I discovered this week how I intend to build our future home ;)

I downloaded the pdf, though it is not likely I will build any house. Building time would probably take up the balance of time I have left to live, so I'll have to do with whatever I can have.

However, you are younger and have children, so I am glad you are moving ahead on providing a haven for the troubled future.

I would suggest that you get a bulldozer and dig out an area large enough (as a 'safe' room) for 5 people to sleep, eat and with a bathroom. It must be your safe room which means you should always keep food enough to last you xxx period (I would go for 30 days at least).

You speak of farms closing and food shortages, but you do not seem to be keeping in mind that people only remain civilized while they have the basics. Not having food is a basic disaster.

You also need to decide, in accord with your own beliefs, if things get that bad and you are attacked, are you willing to fight back and kill so as to save your family?

Maybe you could use a drone with a thermal camera which you only fly at night if you suspect something bad is being prepared by strangers? I would choose a hiding place where it can easily land without being seen so that you either fly it again or collect it when you know you can come out of your home.

With so many tyres used for construction, a number of extra almost buried tyres with well sealed packages could make a good storage space which intruders will not suspect. Remember, they might get it and take all you have (and you might have to show them what you have so that they do not kill you), so keep a spare storage space which can keep you alive until you can grow more food.

I had planned on buying through 2nd hand market (so that it is not registered that I have them) a couple of crossbows, with home made metal shafts/darts.

Keep your mind open and investigate all possibilities you can think of.

Hoping it all works out well for you and your family and you never need the safe room....

Thank you for remembering. I will read as soon as I have a peaceful moment.

Merry Christmas!

Sounds like it would make an intriguing film. John Papola comes to mind as a potential video storyteller.

Thanks for the name! Hadn't heard of him but I will check out now...

There is no question the film would be an interesting one. Sometimes it just feels like there are still forces at work holding the story down. Though perhaps this is just my imagination!

Sicko story!! Clever man also! Your in south of france? are asking...why?

Because im heading soon (slowly)to south spain and am passing 😜

That sounds like a marvellous opportunity to get to know (better) a man many of us admire and like. I envy you.

I travel, and meet likeminded folk, but usually its meeting randomly face to face when paths cross and noone has every heard of crypto or do they use tech 🤣 Its getting wierd, the alternative fulltimers need crypto but we dont all know about it because were arnt on socialmedia so much haha.. I love to meet other crypto heads who are awake!

I'm only dreaming that I understand crypto

If you visit South Africa, give me a shout...

I live with a saffa already, ones enough 🤣😜

Not clear as to what a saffa is

He was indeed an extremely clever businessman and the way he made his fortune in the Philippines is so interesting to learn about. His cleverness however did not extend into his physical or spiritual health. And he died an unhappy death.

Yes, I am in the south of france. A rather splendid place to be :)

It really is. There are so many amazing details which colour this picture, most of which I didn't mention here.

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