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RE: Small Earthen Statues in the Museum and It’s Meaning

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Umm, I disagree with your comment.
If your suggestion is right, we have to quit all voting each other.
then, Steemit would be no more SNS.
I leave my message more in detail in Steemchat.
In my opinion the best way for Steemit is not discuss on the reward.
What I want to say is Do your best for your posting instead.
Through this activity, Steemit will progress.


I agree with you. Steemit is a revolutionary platform which also rewards people who use it but discussing every time on rewards is not a good thing. The important thing is to read, right and post the things which can make it a place of learning, social gathering as well as entertainment.

Very well said @slowwalker, its not about the reward,its about the learning that we share and thats what steemit promoting is.

I choose your communication system to each other voting @slowwalker & @transisto

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