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RE: Small Earthen Statues in the Museum and It’s Meaning

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Message to voting-circle comprised of @yoo1900 @slowwalker @oldstone @famunder @oldtimer @damarth ect...

Thanks for your contribution to Steem, Please be considerate of how bad is at content discovery and take actions to keep the main "trending" content organic.

Suggestion: Wait a few days before upvoting your own content to see how well it fares naturally.


Umm, I disagree with your comment.
If your suggestion is right, we have to quit all voting each other.
then, Steemit would be no more SNS.
I leave my message more in detail in Steemchat.
In my opinion the best way for Steemit is not discuss on the reward.
What I want to say is Do your best for your posting instead.
Through this activity, Steemit will progress.

I agree with you. Steemit is a revolutionary platform which also rewards people who use it but discussing every time on rewards is not a good thing. The important thing is to read, right and post the things which can make it a place of learning, social gathering as well as entertainment.

Very well said @slowwalker, its not about the reward,its about the learning that we share and thats what steemit promoting is.

I choose your communication system to each other voting @slowwalker & @transisto

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Just an opinion. I think the owner of the post has the privilege to upvote his own post most especially if he thinks his post is relevant and informative. The no. Of upvotes can add curiosity of the readers to read fully on the articles posted.... so for me lets just have @slowwalker enjoy this privilege. ☺