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RE: Interview with @andrarchy about TRON and OpenLink.

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Good because this does reflect what Justin released on his Youtube Channel. It's still not deleted by the way. You would agree leaving conflicting information out there can lead to a lot of chaos.

I would advise he delete the video to show his earnest. If he fails to delete the video, good chance something isn't smellin' right if ya catch my drift.


Already sitting at 63 downvotes to 16 likes. YEEESH.

As for the promised, I will wait and see. Not take any drastic action..

"For Now"


Haha, it's fcking hilarious how this clown can moralize about FUD, and consider @andrarchy to be the one source of truth for Justin Sun's intentions, as the Sun hype machine continues to spew out misinformation. Especially considering the indications that steemit inc was left largely in the dark about the buyout.

Yes, I'm hardly inspired that one of the possible solutions to censorship on the centralised web has just been hoovered up by a World Economic Forum Davos "Global Shaper." What in any way shape or form is "promising" about that?

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