Even the Little Things...

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I was sitting on my new seat at my new table, when the sound of a shrill voice crept upon me.

"OH NO!!" The voice spoke, distressed.

It was Audie. She had come to the stark realization that she had forgotten about an appointment that she was supposed to make.

"I HAVEN'T DONE AAANNNYYY OF MY WORK!!" She said, frustrated and distraught.

She reached for her phone, as she eyeballed me for guidance. Slowly, she picked up the thin black communication device with a look of dread, as it spread across her face.

"I don't want to LIE to her..." She said, as her eyes still implored me for any crumb of advice from the table at which I sat.

Unfortunately, for her, my table was starving of wisdom. Upon it, sat only my laptop, a bag of Juanita's tortilla chips and a jar of Organic, On The Border, Mexican Salsa. None of those items, could solve her dilemma.

I grabbed for a Juanita's chip and dipped it into the salsa. My sheepish hand, tenderly moved toward her, as if to say, "...Do you want a chip?"

The facial expression that my humble offering brought was not of the positive kind. Or was it? I thought. Was I misreading her emotions, again?

I have a tendency to be a little bull-headed, at times. The scowl upon her visage gave her the appearance of a coiled rattler; Poised and ready to strike.

As I looked back at my laptop to avoid the cold glare that I was receiving, I wondered if I would survive to write my next STEEM post. I thought of my friends on STEEM. Would I e'er get the chance to write them again?

I scrambled, internally. I was searching the depths of my complex and multifaceted soul in an attempt to find the wisdom that my angel required of me.

Instinctively, my hand grabbed for another Juanita's chip. It dipped the chip in some salsa. ...no... you IDIOT!!! I thought to myself as I sat in a state of confusion. My body had betrayed me. I could not offer her the same thing again and risk perishing!

What should I do?? I thought, just before the epiphany came. As quickly as I could, I shoved the salsa laden chip into my mouth to hide my error.

CRUNCH!-CRUNCH!-CRUNCH!-CRUNCH!-CRU-uuunnchhh-crruuuuuunncchhhh-cruuuuuuuuuuuunnnncccchhhh..... I chewed more and more slowly, as I realized that the chip's volume was too high.

She is going to HEAR you!! I thought, to myself, as I tried to sneak a look at her to find out if she was still watching me. She WAS....

Had she been watching the entire time??? Her eyes still held the steely glaze that had turned me into a sheep. I stopped chewing for a moment, as if to say, "...ba!-a!-a!-a!-a!-a!"

She had picked up her phone, and she now held it in her hand. The look of hate had dissipated, and now only the same look of distress was back on her face.

I felt something strange. It was as though my stomach had twisted and flopped over, doing barrel rolls in my abdomen. What was this? I thought, to myself. Was this, compassion?

Then, from some unknown and God-forsaken place, came the words. The soft words from MY heathen mouth.

"It will be okay..." I said to her, in an almost fatherly tone, "...we will figure it out."

She held her slim black communication box in her hand. A defeated look was upon her face, when suddenly, the sound of singing musical notes erupted from it's crisp exoskeleton!

"BUUUSHHHH-DING-DA-DA-DING-DING-ding-DING-DA-DING-DA-DING-ding!!!" It sung, with lively tones of electronica. It was the ringtone that I had made for her, Deep Web.

"Hello??" She answered the rectangle, with an greeting of inquiry, as if to say, "Identify yourself!"

A smile lit up her face.

"MMMhmmm.....mhmmm...ya...okay...ya! Ya! That's okay! Yep that's just fine!" She spoke in response to the disembodied voice that came out of it's tiny speaker.

"Sloahh-jurrkio-mariauh-saminkuch-demayin... lombungook?" Said the voice in response. Who could it be that was talking from the magical box? I thought, as the music from Charlie Brown began to ring in my head.

"...Yep! Okay... Thank you! You have a great day!" She took the magical singing, talking black box from her ear-hole, and she killed the feed.

"Who was that?" I asked, as heartless pieces of, Juanita's chips flew from my selfish lips.

"It was them, canceling!!!" She responded in excitement. "That's CRAZY!! I was praying, asking God for what I should say, because I didn't want to LIE... I picked up the phone... and it RANG!! It was them, CANCELING!"

"Wow baby!!" I said, as I reached for another delicious tortilla chip. "That's incredible!" I dipped the chip into the Organic salsa, and I prepared to bring the crunchy Mexican delight to my lips, again.

"HEY!!!" I yelped, as the angel snatched it from my hand. She smirked at me. Her sultry, clever smile reigned down upon me, as I sat with my mouth still open. She slowly placed the chip upon her tongue, shrugged her shoulders and giggled.

"You see..." She spoke softly, as her clever eyes smiled at me. "He answers prayers... even the little things..."


-Original story by Jonathan Caleb Williams @badseedalchemist, starring the wonderful and talented, @audiefaith.

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I love you for so many different reasons. One of those is how you make me laugh every single day! 😂😂😂
Another reason , is how talented you are. I love you SO much❤❤❤

Thank you sweet heart. I love you too.

Lolx.... This is quite funny and reasonable... Keep it up... Love your post😘😘

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

@badseedalchemist, I could go off about almost anything, but the main thing is where did you copy my "Crunch" from???
Wonderful, it took me at least 3 minutes to complain, I was laughing too hard!!! Mitch

Hahahaha! Thanks for the comment and very glad you got a laugh. ;P

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