Speak #65 - I Will Not Power Down & Keep Presence on Steem and Hive Blockchain

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I decided not to power down, and I will remain on Steem and Hive blockchain!

Chesatochi crypto resources page: https://chesatochi.com/resources/

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PS: I am not a financial adviser, and you need to do your own research.

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You make good points. It is difficult to not get caught up in the crypto game when it comes to STEEM. Even if the value goes to zero, as long as the blockchain is running there is content distribution, which is the true value.

With that in mind, I will also participate in both STEEM and HIVE to maximize audience reach.

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I won't be on steem for much longer.....the buzz is all over on HIVE...buzz you later @chesatochi

I will be active on Hive. ;)