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I have the opportunity the upvote using @threespeak account and I will distribute $43 worth of upvotes after about 24 hours.

I want to use the situation to promote a video I created 3 days ago.

I think the video is important because it could bring big attention to steem blockchain.

I'm promoting steem all the time and I want you to help me to do so !

All I need from you is to :

It's a tweet by @steemit where they shared my video.

It's the video where Vitalik Buterin the founder of ethereum is mentioning steemit !

  • Promote the video in any other social media you're active in :

I have only about 150 views and I want all the world to know about steem blockchain and I need your help in that.

Share the screenshots in the comments and get upto $4 upvote from me by @threespeak !

Do your best to share the video in as much platforms as you can !

I will start upvoting after about 24 hours from now, so take your time and do it well to support me and steem blockchain.

▶️ 3Speak


All for the furtherance of the blockchain
All for the furtherance of Steemit.
  1. Resteem.
  3. Facebook

Thanks a lot. I'm checking the comments almost an hour and I found all of them only resteeming and sharing in twitter. But, you did even more, shared in facebook and instagram and resteemed correctly, while some didn't resteem the post with Vitalik but this one. You deserve the full upvote from me ! I will follow you as well. Really thanks.

Awh, thanks for the kind word, for many of us whose greater Portion of our livelihood comes from here. We have no choice than to make it better.

Hello @clixmoney. You are doing a great job promoting steem on all platforms. Kudos to you. Here are the screenshots as I shared the posts and tweet.

Tweet retweeted on My twitter account

Post Resteemed on My Steemit Account

Video shared on Facebook. Post link

Video link shared on LinkedIn. Post Link

In addition to all these, I also shared the video link on my whatsapp status.

Let's take steem to the moon...

Thanks a lot for sharing the news in 4 social media. That's why I gave you over $4 upvote that you deserve. You made me happy and I rewarded you. ☺

Yeah man! Really nice work! Here my shares on Steemit,Twitter, FB, Reddit and LinkedIn!



Thanks a lot. Well done. ☺

Yeah buddy, that video really deserves a great spot upon #steem for sure :)

Here's some of my contribution towards pushing it's visiblity :)

- Twitter-


- Insta - Capture.PNG3.PNG

- Facebook -



Capture 1.PNG

I shared it in some more discord servers as well asn I really hope it would bring some difference :)

#steem on mate !

Hi, thanks for giving us a promoting chance. Here I'm attaching some proofs

  • Twitter

  • Steemit

  • Sharing Video on FB

Awesome 😉

Thanks a lot. Well done. You made me happy and get rewarded. ☺

Hello there @clixmoney, here goes. It's a big step up to be recognized by Vitalik




Hi @clixmoney

Here I have done as mentioned on the post. Promoting steem is always great and I am always ready to do so.

Thank you.



Resteemed this post-


Shared on my facebook page bring more attention to this video.


Well done. You got $2 upvote. Thanks for sharing. ☺

Here is my contribution dear friend @clixmoney Hope you like it.

Posted using Partiko Android

I could only upload one screenshoot on partiko. Let me try again

Posted using Partiko Android

Here is the other one. Sorry!!! Partiko did t let me put more pics 😕

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks for this information and opportunity
First task


Second task

Third task Screenshot_20191122-091026.png

First publicized in the discord of neoxian city server


Other proof of promotion

Proof of resteem

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Long live steem 😉

Done! Social media screenshots below. Resteemed as well! :)



Great! Here are my captures:

All task performed. This is sure a massive one for steem. Keep up the good work




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Great work sir. I watched the video And I've followed all your rules.






That's a great initiative

Always i try to promote steem and 3speak. And not Just for big upvote. If anyone have love for our dear steem and 3speak, then they will try to promote always.

I think more promote can make biggest change for our steemit and 3speak.
Already i have upload 2 promotion video from my 3speak channel. Okay...

Great work clix..keep it up..


@clixmoney, Kindly find the below screenshots for your reference.




Keep up the valuable work and hope that your efforts will bring fruitful results.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

Thanks for this opportunity ...i am happy to promote steem to the world . I really feel fulfilled by doing this Screenshot_20191122-171506.png


there you go

  • Twitter
  • Steemit
  • Facebook

I trust this encourages you get more perspectives.

Hello Clix, great work and thanks for giving us an opportunity for sharing this video.


Steemit proof

video shared on Reddit

Well done. You'll get $1 upvote !

This was really worth watching and yes the initiative to reward people is really great.




Hey Clix

Great initiative. I have done it all.








This such a fantastic opportunity in so many regards, thank you! I only have around 600 followers on both Facebook and Twitter but I do have near 4000 subscribers on Youtube and I will be livestreaming about VItalik mentioning Steemit today, amazing to be perfectly frank. Thank you!


That's cool. Please resteem the right post with Vitalik, not this one. That was the rule to get the upvote. I hope you will do it as soon as possible, because I have only a few hours to left to use it to vote !

I shared everything requested... so I don't know what you mean.

You didn't share this post : but you resteemed the contest. I asked to resteem that one with Vitalik. But, it's too late now. I had only 24 hours to upvote people. Now I will be able to do that just after 28 days from now. So, you can follow me and I will have such contest then.

I hope this helps you get more views. Good clip.


You didn't resteem the post with Vitalik. You have 24 hours to do so. I can vote only during 24 hours.

My bad, I'm new to Steemit and this resteeming and stuff. Apologies for not posting it on more social media platforms. I don't use Facebook/Instagram or anything aside from twitter, really. But I'm trying to get more active. I've been watching a few of your videos on 3speak. Keep up the great work out there.



I forgot to upvote it before taking the picture, but it is upvoted now. How do I tip money? I want to do this to other people and spread the good will.

Well done. Get $1 upvote. Thanks a lot for sharing. ☺

Great idea and way to use this opportunity clix!

Thanks. I'm glad you like it. ☺

Oh, man you didn't resteem the post with Vitalik. You have 24 hours to do so. I can vote only during 24 hours.

Done all of it for you. Keep up the work you are good in it. I haven't even started vlog yet.

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Retweeted. And shared at tata app

Posted using Partiko Android

That's a great initiative!

Posted using Partiko Android

You didn't resteem the post with Vitalik. You have 12 hours to do so. I can vote only during 12 hours fro now.

All tasks completed



You didn't resteem the post with Vitalik. You have 24 hours to do so. I can vote only during 24 hours.



Thanks. Upvoted this comment with $1.

You didn't resteem the post with Vitalik. You have 24 hours to do so. I can vote only during 24 hours.

Am so amazed to seeing this, i believe this will give more audience to steemit across blockchains and beyond... Let all voice out #steemit to the world all #steemians


You didn't resteem the post with Vitalik. You have 24 hours to do so. I can vote only during 24 hours.

so sorry i missed it, crying!!!!!

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