Full Tutorial: How to Create a Community on Steem

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Ever wonder how @coruscate spends her Friday nights... well now you know. 😂I've been so excited to check out the new Communities feature of Steemit, that I decided to make a tutorial walkthrough of how to post, and interact with communities, in addition to how to create one.

Topics Covered in This Video

In this video, I cover:

  • Why communities will be a valuable tool to both creators and consumers.
  • How communities will allow people to customize their steem experience.
  • How to post into a community vs. on your blog.
  • Exploring communities and finding ones that line up with your interests.
  • Full walkthrough tutorial of creating a community.
  • How to a community once it's been created and what to include.
  • Tips on sharing and spreading awareness for your community once it's been created.

What Community Did I Create?

I may create more in the future - but for right now, I thought it would be fun to create a community around my "Finally Friday on the Blockchain" show with @cryptofinally. We were chatting about it on our live stream today and thought a community could be a fun way to stay more connected with you guys.

Join the FinallyFriday Community!


Questions on Communities?

This full tutorial of all things communities related should help answer most of your questions - but if you have any further ones, please leave them below! If I can't answer them, I'm sure someone from the Steem community will be able to help you out!

XO, Lea
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Apprec the video. I myself didn't find it difficult at all in the yrs here to find people with similar interests when looking through basic #tags, so communities doesn't solve that for me but has done the opposite for now in adding quite a bit of confusion on how to operate going forward lol.

when you say it only posts to those communities, does that mean that nobody outside of the community can see it? If I post in the Steemleo community and use the old '#steemleo' does that mean others cannot see that post on steemit.com if they aren't joined in the community ? or would using the hive tag and the old tag show to both crowds?

can you only post in 1 community at a time? I see you posted in a 'hive' here and used several older tags, I assume because those tags dont' say "hive' that they don't go into those communities if there are any of that name?

a community post also shows up in the tags that you put on them

So from what i understand, if you post within a community - it's visible to those community members AND it shows up under the "posts" section of your profile, but not the "blog".

I'm pretty sure you can only post a piece of content to one community - which is a bummer. That's definitely feedback I have for them!

No se entiende la herramienta de pertenecer a una comunidad

You can resteem posts to have them also show up on your blog, and if you use SteemPeak you can cross-post to other communities. Steemit hasn't added the feature yet, but hopefully they will soon.

Oooh that’s on Steempeak?? Good to know - I’ll go check that out!

Thanks again... Resteemed

aww thank you so much! and thanks for joining the Finally Friday community! I actually just created communites for Girl Gone Crypto and the Steem Sister Show if that interests you as well. I'll be doing more to get them up and running later today. :)

SSS - https://steemit.com/trending/hive-130016
GGC - https://steemit.com/trending/hive-165553

Awesome 👍

Many thanks, upvoted and resteemed, this is a breakthrough on steemit, let's celebrate and start a community lol.

Thank you so much for the resteem! 💕 I am very excited about this development.

well done coruscate! this is very handy for everyone. I already made one 'Talent Showcase' for all our performers to show off in ;P check it out sometime!

Some nice details about making a community, but what is the pending rewards all about?

Thanks! I think the pending rewards is just the total of all the posts in that community at any given time.

Thank you! That's great to hear.

Well, I'm glad I ran across this as I haven't logged on in a while and came back to this new system? Seems difficult to navigate at best?! Not sure why things have to change as I was so used to the old ways but change is the tune we all dance to right? I can't even figure out how to resteem this as I think it woud be helpful to others......... oh my!?

good to see, that you can implement 3speak with automated thumbnails to a steem post. That is quite an advancement. Thx for the update.

Well kind of. It shows up on 3speak okay - but when it comes over to Steem it doesn't show an image for the post. I've just been going in and manually adding one on Steemit.

Thank you for such a lovely tutorial, i learned a lot from you.

Thank you for such a
Lovely tutorial, i
Learned a lot from you.

                 - lilysays

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Thanks @coruscate. I just created a new community New Age DApps with the help of your tutorial. I guess i would have managed anyway, but it was nice to have company :-)


I saw your Super Bowl 2020 Commercial. Good work. That's why people love the Steem Sister. And this How-To video is the kind of video I would make. Good work.

It would be nice to have a communities FAQ on Steemit FAQ itself. I hope someone puts that there. Steemit is getting harder and more complicated to use. 🤦🤦🤦

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Thanks for thr Beautiful Update


Loving the video tutorial. I found it so darned easy to create the #SEO community and would love to see some tips on promoting it to the masses at Steemit because of being so new to the community. I love the ease of admin controls and the fact we can finally be a click away from sorting what is most important to us as a virtual inbox for our business and personal lives. All while earning preascious Steem CryptoCurrency.

Hi @coruscate, I'm trying to create a community but I get the error "I've got no funds" and this is not the case.
Could you please assist?
Thank you.

You have done a great job by doing this, I hope to create a community of my own when i finally gain my stand on this platform and your guide will definitely be helpful.

To check later :)

Thanks for these tutorials. You girls are killing it!

Thank you for doing the tutorial for communities. Appreciated it a lot! Upvoted and Resteemed!