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This is a haul video and a mini review of perfumes that I bought from Miniso, Bench & Penshoppe.

I try to just have a good time talking about what I like, dislike and their scents. I also go over their names, their packaging and what type of people might be interested in using each particular perfume.

So if your Filipina, or have an interest in feminine perfumes + speak Tagalog, watch, get to know me and be sure to reach out in the comment section.

NOTE: Most of this video is spoken in Filipino (Tagalog), the national language of the Philippines.

Here are the perfumes I shared in the video:

  1. Penshoppe Unleashed Romance
  2. Penshoppe Oh Sugar Green
  3. Bench Lucky Charm
  4. Bench Handsome Girl
  5. Bench Oh My George
  6. Miniso Pink Love Perfume
  7. Miniso Eternal Faith
  8. Miniso Green Apple
  9. Miniso Champagne Life
  10. Miniso Guardian Angel

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