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In this video I share nine separate Celebrity & Inspired Perfumes.

Some of these are the actual perfumes branded by the celebrities but others are inspired perfumes, meaning they smell like the original perfumes by the celebrities but are not their actual products.

The advantage of getting inspired perfumes is that they are much cheaper than the originals. If you have any feedback or want to request any topics in my upcoming videos, just leave a comment below.

Here are the scents I covered:

  1. Britney Spears Fantasy The Naughty Remix
  2. . Ariana Grande Cloud
  3. Katy Perry Meow
    4.. Katy Perry Purr
  4. Paris Hilton Platinum Rush
  5. Shiro Gucci Rush inspired
  6. Shiro Burberry Weekend Inspired
  7. Ian Darcy Dolce & Gabbana
  8. Ian Darcy Escada Moon Sparkle
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