Buy Splinterlands Untamed packs cheaper through Steem-Engine.

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Untamed packs for the game Splinterlands cost $2 each on the official website.

But it's possible to get them cheaper if you buy them through Steem-Engine.

I bought mine today with a 25% discount ($1,50 each).

In this video, I show you how it is done.

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That's quite a discount Mark! I wonder why are people selling their packs at a discount...

I noticed you opened your packs one by one. If you want to open multiple packs at once, you can skip some steps by using "Open Quantity":

Click on the three dots between packs and orbs on the Open page (as marked on the image above), and choose Open Quantity option from the dropdown menu. In the popup you will enter the number of packs you want to open at once.

You can still click on each card or choose Reveal All - your choice.

That's a good tip! Although when it's only 5 packs I like to enjoy the process. I can imagine thogh that the 40k+ pack whale might go that route :)

Yep, I still enjoy the process! After the Untamed packs were unlocked, I opened a few 10 and 20 groups of packs, but still clicked on every card to see what's behind. :)

The 40k+ pack whale might still have to put in some work. I believe there is a cap of 200 packs for Open Quantity.

Good explanation. Nice video.
Untamed in SteemEngine. Its very good to trade.

That is really great with splinterland gaming. Thanks for sharing with us.

That is really great with splinterland gaming. Thanks for sharing with us.

Thanks so much for this @exyle. These videos that show how conversions work from one "thing" to another are a big help for me.

I was totally puzzled yesterday by people selling untamed packs for less than $2 but now I understand how they can do that.

p.s. what's the hive-100421 tag for?

You are welcome.

The Hive tag is for communities. 3speak is running tests.

That is pretty awesome. I purchased about 35 packs before the launch and I just opened them all the other day. I don't think I really got anything super great.

Thank you for the tutorial!
I will go buy some now.

Too bad there were no gold legendaries in your draw..
That would have been epic! :)

I secretly was hoping for it, although what I got is probably closer to real expectations :)

Wow! That is a really cool tip! Thank you!

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Glad you like it!

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Thanks for the heads up! These new cards looks very cool. Subscribed.

You hover over each pack! I like the suspense of doing it one by one

Thanks for the post.

but in this case you do not qualify for the airdrops right?

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