George Ellinas - Hornet #getinshapechallenge

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Hornet by George_Ellinas (c) copyright 2008 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: duckett

Human body is meant to move. Don't sit for excessively long periods of time. Take a break once in a while and move your body. One minute break every 30 minutes.

@actifit and @appics joined their forces in Steem and organized a #getinshapechallenge.

This is the journey how I progressed from 2,5 pushups to 21 pushups. (Or from 8,5 pushups to 42 if you count the knees on the floor pushups too.) My goal was to measure my progress with toes and hands on the floor pushups, but in order to get more strength I did of course other workout and different kind of pushups. And almost always when I could't do one more toes on the floor pushup, I switched to knees on the floor and did those as many as I could. My final count pushups in a row before the #getinshapechallenge challenge ended was 21 toes on the floor pushups and 42 total.

Consult someone else than me if you think warnings are futile.

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Making people move,



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Thanks. :) I'll check that out.