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This is a marketing piece I made for 3Speak. I will let the video do the talking! Please watch and let me know your feedback in comments. I hope this will help you convince someone to join 3Speak and best - STEEM ;)

How To Download

▶️ https://www.filehosting.org/file/details/841660/3Speak.mp4

Usage Rights

Use it anywhere and everywhere. Spread the word. :))

Disclaimer: This video is based on the vision of 3Speak. Some features are depicted with supported footage. Actual features may not look the same as and when they are available.

More Promo Material

One of the best Steem Adverts made till date in my opinion. I hope @ashtv comes up with a 2020 version. ;) Because a lot has happened in STEEMverse since it was made. Fun Fact: I took some footage from this advert and added in the 3Speak video. All credits to Ash!

This one is created by me. But the ideas were taken from @stoodkev's Steem Elevator Pitch Contest and @aggroed's STEEM Pitch.


I can make something similar or different for your project, business or anything that's important to you. I accept STEEM :)) Say "hello" on discord.

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Nice work @hungryhustle.
Stylish with strong messages - let’s hope the right eyes see it.

Cheers for the honourable mention.
My aim is to absolutely make a STEEM promo again. I just need the time and to figure out what it needs to say.
STEEM has changed so much - I’m not sure the same messages from my previous video apply. But I’ll always aim to make it memorable and aesthetically pleasing

Thank you so much @ashtv. Glad you liked it! You were my inspiration on this one. xD

I understand the kind of video you do takes time and lots of effort. Also, the #newsteem is now SO many things, it's tough to put it creatively in a short video. But I have faith in you. ;)

Please go for it whenever you can. :))

Am sure you can, I've seen your work... you're good at what you do! 😉

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Nice! I noticed a smile on my face after watching the video. Thinking, should I start vlogging this year? 😊

This is inspiring, just like @waybeyondpadthai's vlogs, makes me want to jump into a new path!

Any tips for me?

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Haha amazing. Thank you so much @purepinay. Please do start if you really want to. I also love @waybeyondpadthai's vlogs, she is so creative and funny. :'D

Regarding the tips, I got you covered ;) -


Aw thank you!

Yeah she's really funny and cool!

How's vlogging working out for you?

I'll bookmark this link and check it out tomorrow, good night!

Let's connect! Following you now! 😊

Made 30+ vlog in 2019. Let's cross 200 mark in 2020. xD Aim higher!!!!

I am about to reach 1000 subs on YT and earn mainly through 3Speak.

I gave you a follow back!!!! Hello :))

Hi, following you now. Might have followed the wrong person last night, oppss lol

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So you have two blog channels. How do you manage your time?

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I like how you emphasized ... your key - your account - your data... at the end.

Thank you so much @direwolf. Glad you liked it. Cheers! :))

Excellent Job ! I will use this to send to quality people that I know will contribute in a positive way to Steem (3Speak.online in particular). Aloha from Hawaii, This is Rich

That's awesome Rich. Thank you so much and "Hello" from New Delhi. xD I am Prashant. Nice to e-meet you!

I have a lot of my items manufacturing in New Delhi over the last four years.

I'm going to be snatching that picture with the cup and steem logo

Me and you both brother.

Haha @belemo. I wish somebody would send me a real cup with STEEM Logo. The Old one and the new one both. xD So two cups. ;)

Me and you both brother.

Would you pay Steem for one? I may be able to organise it.

Lol, I was thinking the same thing!

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Great to see this my friend! You have done an awesome job.

Onward & upward :)

Very nice video @hungryhustle
Loved it 👍👍

Thank you so much @alokkumar121. :))

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Hi, I recently saw that you made a transfer to @steemexchanger. Did you use that platform? I did a test transfer today and it doesn't seem to be working. I'd actually like to find a way to exchange Paypal to STEEM. Do you know of any way to do that? I'd appreciate your opinion on that. Thank you.

Click on deposit STEEM button once you do a transfer. If the amount you sent to @steemexchanger is not reflecting in mysteemx.com wallet then you need to send an email to [email protected] Hope it helps @jadams2k18. Cheers!

Once STEEM is reflected in your mysteemx wallet, you can exchange it to USD and withdraw that in your PP.

Thanks for answering so quickly. I did that, I guess I have to send them an email

Thank you :)

Amazing video!

Thank you so much @emiliomorles. :))

Hi, @hungryhustle!

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