The Steeming Pile VOD - Reggae Steem Edition

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The Steeming Pile is a show by and for Steemians. An open show where we invite any and all to come in, say Hi, and share their experiences and efforts on the Steem Blockchain.

Join us Tuesday at 3pm UTC on @Vimm and Hopefully @threespeak

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This week we featured @ReggaeSteem including @donald.porter, @dmilliz, and other members of the #ReggaeSteem community. We will talk about the current happenings in their community and highlight the upcoming #jahmfest. We'll also chat about other stories and #steemnews. Check out the latest Steem News - Steem Witness Soft Fork and Justing Sun Response

Watch LIVE on Vimm - Tuesdays at 3p UTC/10a EST (Hopefully, @threespeak coming soon....)

More info on ReggaeSteem Check out their weekly post list.
Also check out their Jahmfest info

Show Info

We're back with a new concept and a new partner in crime @pennsif to help pull this off. Our initial thoughts are to cover select topics for an hour and keep each topic (as best we can) to about 15 minutes. To kick it off we have selected about 5 topics that he and I want to focus on for the next 30 days: Content, Onboarding, Steem News, Personal Development, and Tribes/Communities.

Please comment live or add your comments to this post on #steem to give us a heads up. You can be a featured guest, request a discussion on your work, or submit links for us to review.

Join us on Discord -

Here is last week's VOD

▶️ 3Speak

▶️ 3Speak


Thanks for having us dude ! Man I was blinking like a mofo. Late nights flicker eyes lol

Ha Ha. It's all good. It's tough when the camera is on the whole time. You all did great. Excited about what you all are building!

Irie !! Those the breddaz there ! Good talks for sure ... actually just confirmed my trip to Jamaica the 26th of June through the 4 of July !!

No more jinxing me Chris with the Dooms day talks 😂😂

Reppin OH we are — I’m over here in Dayton !!


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Yeah man! Don't let Chris jinx it. Good to see another OH steemian.

Computer is on.
Let me hear more
about ReggaeSteem.

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Thanks again for having us @johnspalding! Hoping it's not too late to add the jahm tag, it's needed to earn JAHM Tokens and appear on for the tribe. Talk to you soon