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RE: Interview with @andrarchy about TRON and OpenLink.

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Justin released a bunch of trash on twitter and did a embarrassingly bad AMA and you guys from said fuck all...
What again is your job and title, can you remind us?

During the bear market when didnt do anything for a full year and just dumped on STEEM to survive it WAS US, THE COMMUNITY that stuck around being the lifeforce o the chain.

You might not have a contractual obligation, but you have a MORAL RESPONSIBILITY towards the community to make yourself heard on all this!
There were serious talks about forking the chain. There was fear (im still really cautious no matter the video) about multiple things, fears that were legitimate.
And you said nothing...
Major fuck up from your part. (And dont give me the "it was the holidays or whatever)

Other thing is the TRON marketing team. WE NEED THE JUSTIN TWITTER ACCOUNT TO RETRACT ALL THAT CRAP and set it all straight.
His twitter account or a video directly addressing all issues.
Anything you say here dont mean much. We need the word from the source.

Ill think of more stuff over time but for now im willing to wait and pay attention to changes.
If you will tell Justin one thing, tell him that the community is more then willing to flip him and his money off and pack our bags if he ever attempts anything close to what he and his retard marketing team was insinuating.