Will DeFi Help Ethereum Go Mainstream?

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The Crypto Cactus asks whether DeFi could be a major use case for onboarding new users to Ethereum.

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I thought Ethereum was main stream. Having thought a bit more, I think the general public only think of Bitcoin as the crypto currency. Before de-fi will take off, it has to gain a sound reputation. Not sure how they will do that.

Noticed that KNC (Kyber Network) is getting a lot of attention!

Enjoy your informative and thought provoking videos, many thanks.

Hi @louisthomas ,Ethereum is one of my favorite currencies, I have already said it, I will follow closely what is related to this currency, but I trust this project.
Blessings for you and your family

Thank you for this point of view @louisthomas... these projects are now available to more people...

yes it can bring new users to the ethereum blockchain and it will make ethereum to become more valuable...@louisthomas

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