Pretty sad how this comment of yours here made my brand spankin' new Sarcasm Detector 3000 — unboxed and plugged into the wall only seconds ago — explode into thousands of tiny springs, cogs, and tiny worker robots resembling ants. It took all morning to assemble properly if you include the three hours I spent on technical support hotline hold listening to Aerosmith's I Don't Want to Miss a Thing on repeat until finally some dude suggested I blow into it like a Nintendo cartridge. The cloud of smoke set off the sprinklers and I don't have any clean towels because tomorrow is laundry day, not today. I may have to sue, I just don't know who yet. Someone's gonna pay though. Can someone here please remind me why I chose to live today? Had I known this would all suck so bad here on my end, I would have pounced on this crazy contraption at the first sign of imminent doom, saving you all from the shrapnel that is my fucked up life.

Aha!! I can answer this clearly and directly...

You chose to live today because tomorrow is too good a day to die.

Tada!! I am setting up a phone line to dispense further wisdoms. Of course, it will be a premium line but the answers that each of us seek are never cheap!

Good day to you! :0D

That makes sense. Thank you Sensei.

We chuckled! lol.

Hehe, good work on this man. Nothing like a bit of clarity amidst the chaff.

I don't mind adds. Don't see them unless I want to. They were making paying for devs sustainable. Tron have money to burn now but how long will that last?

Well, they weren't really, the last count was approx 20K coming in from intrusive ads versus 180K I think it was outgoings.

So ads and still burning 160K is not quite sustainable in my book.

I didn't mind the ads so much as the way they were implemented. If you use a mobile version of the page is quite unusable at times, jumping around whilst loading them leading to a frustrating UX.

I would much prefer the deep pockets of Tron to take em away. But hey. who knows what will happen in the future.

Yes, the implementation was bad. How long will Tron have deep pockets? My concern is that they wont want to bleed money and at some point they will do what Steemit did, cut costs. Losing the add revenue speeds up that process.

Isn't Weku a fork?

It is/was indeed