Town Hall March 13 2020

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Hosts @aggroed and @r0nd0n put on another town hall, and this one turned out to be pretty amazing. The first 20 mins are mostly a recap of the current situation, then we start talking about the new Social Blockchain Working Group announced by @andrarchy, who then joins us around the 30 min mark. He explains a bit behind what they're trying to accomplish and addresses some concerns. At the ~53 min mark we're joined by @starkerz who discusses a path forward in negotiation with Tron and other salient points. At around the 1:20:00 mark, the new Roy, David Roebuck, showed up in chat, and @ganjafarmer joins us on air to discuss a path forward. Then around the 01:35:00 mark we get @roebuckdm to come on and discuss what he and @elipowell have been working towards and make quite the impression on the audience.

Thanks everyone who attended and to those who came on air, and thanks for those battling on other platforms to shape this narrative making our voices heard. Be sure and follow @msp-waves for more announcements regarding the #steemhostiletakeover discussions.

Mirror on youtube for those with bad internet connections

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Thanks for sharing this very interesting town hall @r0nd0n!

I'm curious how long David will stay in that position. Hopefully long as it sounded promising.

Are you more hopeful after meeting David that a beneficial resolution is possible with Tron?

The question asked toward the at 2 hour and 5 minutes.

Answer: Absolutely not. As far as I could tell another company shill man. Another Yes man even though he denied it. Another corporate dog that does not understand group think group behavior, nor group dynamics. Another company man who does not know the community that follows his company, Does not know what or how the users of Tron refer to themselves, let alone how we the users of steem block chain refer to ourselves. He kept sucking up to eli powel, another company person that had no respect for the users of steem block chain. As for the start and all the ooh and aahing over andrachy, another company person that has had no respect for the people/user of steem block chain, the oh were not trying to split steem users we are here to build a new block chain that we hope to have in 6 months or so for the steem users to move to when Tron collapses the roof of the steem block chain. SO NO I have no hope at all for a beneficial resolution with Tron, I also do not believe that any thing andrachy is preaching is beneficial to Steem Block Chain.

Hey @r0nd0n is this available anywhere else? I have issues playing videos from 3Pspeak because they do not buffer enough. I also cannot convert them online to an mp3 to download.

Once again my dodgy internet makes things difficult.

No it's not, but I could put it on youtube I guess as a mirror.

No it's not, but I
Could put it on youtube I
Guess as a mirror.

                 - r0nd0n

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That would be awesome At least with Youtube videos I can convert them online to an mp3 before downloading them!

Thanks for the quick response!

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That was music to my ears; even his enthusiasm for the tech, instead of an inane focus on money. So good.

I loved hearing David. We do hold the negotiate cards. All of them.

Awesome job and thanks for having us on!!!

We love to see a change in the steemit situation

thanks for the recording!

I'll have a listen and maybe I'll get more hopeful after that. A little post I made with my 2 cents


@r0nd0n Please do another Youtube upload when/if you do today's Hive Town Hall!

This one will be on @aggroed, I didn't get a recording.

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