Have you seen Tetrahedroseph’s newest videos from the album “Jackie Lee Vs Bruce Chan Hip Hop Battle?”

in Threespeaklast year



The first videos with music form Jackie Lee Vs Bruce Chan HipHop Battle was "Owns Fools With Props In A Warehouse."

There are two videos with this song in it:

1️⃣ https://3speak.online/watch?v=steemseph/vxzvahuc#


2️⃣ https://3speak.online/watch?v=steemseph/itsrlgav


The next video I created contained some awesome pogo stick action. This video features the song "Man Crush On Chris Tucker":


Tetrahedroseph's fourth video featured another new song called, "Broomstick Trick."

I created a short version and then decided I wanted to make a full length version too. Why not... actually it takes lot more time and the pay-off... LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Want to hear something else stupid? These videos have lots of pogo stick action... for free.

1️⃣ Broomstick Trick Short:


2️⃣ Broomstick Trick Long:


Caution, a cat video is next. Do I make too many cat videos?

I Would Eat Cats With Jackie is name of the song featured in the fifth official Tetrahedroseph music video:

Photo Feb 01, 11 03 45 PM

You have not seen this sixth video yet. It's another song from Jackie Lee Vs Bruce Chan HipHop Battle.

It might be another cat video. It might be another pogo stick video.

Oh... but, where should I post them, @ThreeSpeak?

Are our loyalties clear?

Mine are not with Steemit.com. The unauthorized witnesses stink.

I am being nice.

Here, this hint is nice... Tetrahedroseph's sixth official music video will feature the song "Kicks A Chair Into Everyones Nuts."


Look, the video is done.


I just don't know where to post it yet...

The seventh official music video to feature a song from Jackie Lee Vs Bruce Chan HipHop Battle is also completed.

All of these video have been created with an iPhone7 only. The footage was captured with the iPhone7's camera and the footage was edited with iMovie. All the music was created with GarageBand, also music software on the iPhone.

The image below shows the multiple projects I created to work around iMovies limitations. It's like "bouncing" tracks."


Can you guess the name of the seventh video's song? Yes, it's "Jumping Off A Room."


It is also waiting for a safe sign to upload to @threespeak.


I'm not sure what's next. I chase the munnies first and then find out... move videos... try to post to Dtube again... cross post to YouTube.

I like Dan's behavior on Twitter.

I'll be on 3Speak.

Photo Aug 05, 3 19 30 PM


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