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This is a new "3Speak First" video to celebrate the release of:

Listen to the free music 8 times. Then come back and talk to me if you want more. Show me in a simple way how you love Steem and I will send you a code that allows you to get the entire album for free. No string attached, with and without the BandCamp app. No catch. Free.

This offer for free music has only been available to special fans and now to you my Steem neighbors.

The song featured in this new video is called, "Broomstick Trick."
Listen to "Broomstick Trick" 8 time for FREE here:

Read about "Broomstick Trick" and other songs on the new album in this Steem blog post:

Thanks for all the support and thanks for having patience.

NEXT: The complete full-length video for "Broomstick Trick."

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