Tetrahedroseph I Would Eat Cats With Jackie Official Music Video

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This video features music form https://tetrahedroseph.bandcamp.com/album/tetrahedroseph-presents-jackie-lee-vs-bruce-chan-hip-hop-battle

Please purchase Tetrahedroseph's music and help me pay off two chiropractic bills.

Everything you see and hear was created with my iPhone 7.

Read more about this song in this Steem post: https://steemit.com/music/@steemseph/details-about-the-songs-on-tetrahedroseph-s-new-album-jackie-lee-vs-bruce-chan-hip-hop-battle-part-1-of-3

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a bit disturbing... in a good way... i mean... it was kind of intense!

Yup, those color changes will give any heart a flutter. The original footage was cute. I actually tried to preserve it's cuteness. I really did... maybe if i put googly eyes on... never mind.

(No cats were harmed in the making and no creators were harmed by cats during the making of this film.)

Thanks for commenting and thanks for watching.

A bit disturbing...
In a good way... i mean... it
Was kind of intense!

                 - fraenk

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