Step Off The Ledge: This Is All Great News

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We do not have particulars but there are two ways this is going to play out. Either way is great news for Steemians.

Either the union with Tron is a great deal (we have no particulars so hard to say) or we are going to test the resolve of community and the power of decentralization.

Hear this clearly: Steemit Inc does not own the blockchain nor do they have the ability to dictate what happens to it.

More details in the video

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Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to pay you guys back in return thanks to your GREAT LESSON that led the whole community into the chaos by your so-called “good-intensions”

@taskmaster4450 the fact is that right now there is little information concerning this new deal,all we can just do is to keep our fingers crossed and watch how things unfold,but as for me i think this is a good news.....

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@taskmaster4450 you have a unique perspective concerning the deal and that should reduce the panic going on right now,kudos to you...

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I appreciate your perspective... at least you're taking a more balanced wait and see approach. The thing is, we don't really know anything, yet.

As far as I can tell, the only thing Justin really has is money. He has no users, he has no active use cases, his token is regarded by many as a $hitcoin.

Curious, though, that this "just happens to" come about on the same day Dan Larimer's new baby "Voice" is going full Beta...

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I have similar opinion with you. Better wait and see, we don't know anything yet about this.

My guess is that was the dealbreaker for Ned, a chance to throw a wrench into EOSs plans

maybe that is why many people are afraid of the outcome of the deal....

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I hope the community sticks it to @ned. End the tyranny!

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Great video, appreciate your perspective.

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Tron can force the issue too. They are close to Binance, so Steem will probably be replaced with the Tron token there. Steem can survive that but it will be difficult, to say the least. I hope the dapps don't go to Tron, maybe some will go to other blockchains? Tron isn't the only option for them.

We should all be calm and see what are the next steps the Tron foundation will do the STEEM ecosystem. Until then, just keep doing our own things. Upvoted!

This is incredible news. STEEM is leaping. Glad I doubled my stake during the depression.

This is the BEST most level headed response to this situation! Love this analysis

nice take on this.

The best cases scenario is that Justin Sun will try to entice us to come over with money, and entice us to stay by being a good guy who doesn’t declare war on anyone who decides to fork. If he instead decides to develop better and better stuff and let friendly competition encourage a better platform, then tronit may have a nice future. If he donates the ninja mined stake to long term steemians so that he doesn’t hold an ultra super majority, there may not be any need for us to fork. It does not seem like something many people would be willing to do, but he is unorthodox so maybe we should try and talk to him first. Might as well try, right? But having a fork as an option is also worth considering

Then again, civil wars also end bad. But yeah, I'm with you on the optimism! Nice to get some media attention again regardless.

@taskmaster4450 i smiled while reading your last sentence "

Hear this clearly: Steemit Inc does not own the blockchain nor do they have the ability to dictate what happens to it."....

i totally agree with that statement...i believe the deal will favour us all...

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I completely agree with what you're saying about all the other dapps needing to be bribed & the witnesses for that matter, but the critical factor for me is that this is very obviously a hostile takeover and because of the token swap/airdrop the steem token value all the content creators here have built, will be watered down!

Why should a bunch of Tron twitter moon boys, who can barely string a sentence together gain a portion of the value of the years of high quality writing I, and others, have put in to steem? What happens if the majority exchange their steem tokens, and then a bunch of Tron hodlers get thousands of tron/steem tokens? I'm pretty sure it would cause two effects; the overall lowering of price of said tokens (Tron hodlers won't care because to them it's free money), and the proliferation of shit posts with high reward/influence that has never been earned or paid for by these new airdroped dolphins, orcas and whales on the new Tron-based platform.

Hear this clearly: Steemit Inc does not own the blockchain nor do they have the ability to dictate what happens to it.

The first part of this statement is 100% right, but I don't agree with you when you say stincs stake (now Justine sun's) can't influence who gets into consensus witness position... and he will use that stake ruthlessly to undermine what we have all built together to hijack steem to Tron, unless as you've pointed out steem is forked. If the majority of the consensus witnesses are under his thumb, then he 100% can dictate what happens to the chain his agenda would be pushed forward.

But as you point out, we could fork steem to prevent all that happening, but that fork needs to happen quickly before he puts his plans into action or all the promise that SMT's and communities show will go down the toilet.

I will personally be listening to the dlive talk, and dropping into the witness forum afterwards in discord to listen, as well as writing a few posts about this, but honestly, I think that the forgone conclusion of all this is that steem needs to fork very quickly with a strong majority of users to retain both the network and the tokens value.

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