Covid19 Updates March 18th

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Covid19 Updates March 18th

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Anyone attending mass rallies is mesmerized by the false narratives promulgated by enemedia. Herd immunity is nothing more than letting people susceptible to the pandemic die off. The kids going to concerts, running massive races, or vacating en masse during the pandemic reveal the idealism and foolishness of youth.

Yesterday I had to go to a store. I noted a few people wearing masks. All men, middle aged, and dressed as guys doing practical work. This reveals that facts aren't grasped by most people who rely on mass indoctrination, but are by individuals that need to cope with reality on a daily basis to get things done.

As reality imposes itself on the multitudes mesmerized by false narratives by the economy collapsing, health care being overwhelmed, and infections suddenly being revealed all around them, billions will snap out of their trance and grasp they have been lied to and that may have cost them their lives.

In the West the collectivist strategies imposed by Eastern collectivist governments aren't possible yet. As herd immunity becomes the actual strategy - whether Western governments want to or not - in the West, massive disruption will affect communities to ever greater degree. The solution is to exit vulnerable jurisdictions, rather than suffer that disruption caused by reality suddenly impacting masses of people previously deluded by the enemedia.

In six months the fallacy of herd immunity will have collapsed, non-collectivist government will no longer exist, and the only free people left will be those outside the jurisdiction of government. It will not be easy to be free.

It never has been, in reality.

I hope you have prepared for hard times, because they're coming.


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