STEEM Witnesses 1st Meeting with TRON's Justin Sun - 3rd March 2020

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Thanks to @ausbitbank, the recording from the private witness conversation with Justin Sun is now on Youtube and I have mirrored it to 3speak here.

The short summary is:

  • @ned failed to disclose to @justinsunsteemit that the Ninja mined stake had been earmarked for community development and was not to be used for witness voting prior to selling it to him. Evidence of this was requested by the TRON team.
  • The TRON team said they were flexible with regards retracting their false and slanderous accusation that the consensus witnesses were malicious 'Hackers' - but failed to provide a guarantee that they would publish a retraction at this time.
  • The TRON team claimed their aim is to profit from the purchase, rather than to participate in governance.
  • The TRON team claimed they want to cancel their witness votes asap.
  • They TRON team intends to put a fork in place to allow the exchanges to power down the stake they powered up in order to vote for witnesses with their clients' tokens. The witnesses generally highlighted that this was not agreeable and that the fallout from the actions taken by these exchanges needs to be handled by the exchanges and should not be accommodated by a hard fork.
  • The TRON team have limited understanding of the fine points of the block chain governance system in general.

It seems that even during the meeting, more STEEM was being sent to the TRON accounts that are voting in their top witnesses in order to maintain their position, despite the community moving to reinstate their own top 20 witnesses via rallying around them with their witness votes.

Meanwhile @ned has made his twitter account private and possibly has some difficult questions to answer.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Crypto Briefing reached out to Ned Scott about the move by Tron. Surprisingly, the former CEO seemed supportive of the action by Justin Sun, saying that “witnesses/portion of the community literally stole its [Steemit Inc’s] coins. Steemit owed them nothing.” He continued, “Steemit owes no one anything and anything else is grasping at straws / bullying to get your way/power… Fact: no pre mine, no investors.”

The Steem community was outraged by Scott’s comments, saying that over Steem’s four-year history that the founder had promised that these coins would be used to “decentralize” and wouldn’t be used in voting.

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Holy crab buckets. This is a mess.

Can we stop negotiating? I clearly own this chain and community now. Stop crying like babies and surrender to my genius.

Hopefully the witnesses do not like the accusations of Team Tron ... and hopefully the Steem community remains solid in front of the Steem, and the Steem will be eternal.


Well the truth is going to come out in the end and as such we shall see that NED and SUN are not really the people that they make themselves out to be. At least Justin is honest enough to admit its all a money grab. That cannot be said from Ned